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Service Roads

Marker placement: Marker placement is the same as for ramps.

Marker legend: The route number in the top line is that of the mainline route with which the service road is associated. It is not the reference route number (in the 960 series) assigned to the service road.

The middle line has the same meaning as that of mainline routes.

The first digit of the bottom line indicates the DOT Residency, which is a further division of a Region.

The second space in the bottom line is filled by a letter from N to Z. This identifies the service road within a county.

The last two digits of the bottom line are the sequence numbers, which are the same as those on ramps. In the event that the service road is longer than 9.99 miles, the preceding alphabetic figure is increased to the next letter of the alphabet.

Rest Areas

Marker placement: Marker placement is the same as for ramps and service roads.

Marker legend: The legend is the same as that for a ramp, excepting that the last two places of the middle line will contain a code from R1 to R9 to signify a rest area. Also, the sequence number on the first ramp marker will be 00 if located directly at the start of the ramp, and 01 if located 0.1 miles from the previous mainline marker. (This relates to the guidelines described in page 3 under Marker Placement for ramps).

Institutional and (Indian) Reservation Roads

Marker legend: The top line gives the route number. For institutional roads this number will be 9x1N, where x is the Region number (zero for Region 10 or 11). For reservation roads the number is 9xyR, where x is the Region number and y is from 1 to 9.

The middle line gives the Region/county code and a two-digit sequential number (like interchange numbers) for each institutional or reservation road in the county.

The first digit of the bottom line is always 1 for reservation roads. For institutional roads, it identifies the agency operating the institution in which the road is located, as follows:

1: Health
2: Military and Naval Affairs
3: Education
4: State Police
5: Executive-Youth
6: Conservation
7: Corrections
8: Social Services
9: Mental Hygiene
0: Other

The sequencing numbers are the same as those of mainline routes.

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