NYS Highway Links

Pages for individual counties are linked from the Empire State Roads county index page.

nycroads.com by Steve Anderson: The premier site for the roads of New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland Counties, New Jersey and Connecticut. Includes histories and exit lists for expressways, parkways, bridges and tunnels. Lists of state and county highways in the downstate area, old map scans and lots of info on roads never built. Sister sites deal with Philadelphia and Boston roads.

NY Routes (and Everything In Between) by Mark Sinsabaugh: The online route log, giving endpoints and general routing info for all NYS touring routes. Some notes on route histories and other facts. This supersedes Doug Kelly's New York State Roads, which has not been maintained for some years.

The Upstate New York Roads Page by J.P.Wing: This site includes exit lists for major Upstate highways, a log of US and Interstate highways and other freeways in New York State, photos, signage errors and more.

New York Highway Sign Gallery by Andy Field and Alex Nitzman: Large collection of sign photographs, mostly freeway signs and Interstate shields, organized by regions of the State.

gribblenation.com by Douglas Kerr, Brian LeBlanc and Adam Prince: Certain sections of this site are devoted to New York State roads, including Central New York Highways and roadtrip photos from various areas.

New York State Highway Termini by Douglas Kerr. Shows photos of the termini for most New York state highways, as well as for parkways and selected reference routes.

Capital Highways by Christopher Jordan: Exit lists and photos for highways in the Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, Troy) and links to relevant government websites. Information on cancelled freeways in the Capital region.

Jeff's Streetlights and Highways by Jeff Saltzman: An elaborate site containing several photoessays about New York City's expressways and major highways. The site also features a colorful account of the Quickway (NY 17 east of Binghamton).

Pict Mission New York by C. C. Slater: A large photo gallery from the Hudson Valley region, including considerable treatment of state and county highways. A good place to find old-fashioned county route markers.

Jason L. Bennett's Highways Page: Features photos and information for southwestern New York and Oneida County, as well as parts of Pennsylvania. Also includes the Southern Tier Expressway page.

Penn-York Roads by Kevin Olmstead: Pages for individual highways in the Southern Tier region of New York and the neighboring areas of Pennsylvania.

LIROADS by Jonathan Lebowitz: Photos of Long Island highways arranged by route, as well as a route log for the region.

The Waste of Film Page by Michael Moroney: This gallery has a good selection of NYS road curiosities including a reference route signed as a touring route and the oldest structure ever to be part of the Thruway system.

Rochester's Inner Loop by Mike McManus: A page devoted to the odd little highway encircling downtown Rochester, NY, one of this webmaster's favorite roads.

Genesee Expressway by Brian Campbell: Deals with the cancelled section of the Genesee Expressway (I-390) that was to serve downtown Rochester from the south.

For a complete list of NYS highway links, go to the Open Directory Project.
For road links outside of New York State, try the Open Directory Project, Andy Field's Highway Kickoff Page, or James Lin's AboutVia.

NYS Map Links

NYSGIS Map Products: The maps formerly published by NYSDOT are now distributed by State Center for Geographic Information, a department of the Office for Technology. These maps include quadrangle maps of the entire state (security restrictions apply), a partial collection of county maps, a full-color state atlas and wall map, and various other products. These are indispensible for researching New York's roads and are also the of the highest quality in maps. (Albany, NY)

NYS GIS Clearinghouse: Download NYSDOT or USGS quadrangle maps and all kinds of other GIS information. View and download orthophotography covering the entire State (security restrictions apply). (Albany, NY)

NOTICE - For security reasons, some of the information at the above sites is not available for download. Materials can be requested directly from the Office for Technology, although a security procedure is required. In the meantime, the links below continue to provide unrestricted access mapping and GIS resources nationwide.

United States Geological Survey: The authoritative source for topographic maps and countless other kinds of data.

Microsoft TerraServer: Provides aerial photos and topographic maps nationwide, including New York State.

TopoZone: A nationwide seamless interface for the USGS topographic maps. Fully searchable by geographic names.

Maptech MapServer: Another seamless interface, searchable by place name, ZIP code or geographic coordinates.

Actionmaps: Publishes a series of laminated, fold-out tourist maps, as well as the best available street map and atlas of Rochester and Monroe County, New York. Includes many downloadable samples. (Rochester, NY)

Map Works, Inc.: Upstate-wide publisher of city, county and regional maps and atlases. Best products are the Buffalo-Niagara and Syracuse atlases. View samples of all maps. (Rochester, NY)

Jimapco: Jimapco publishes county maps covering the eastern half of New York State and adjacent Massachusetts and Vermont, as well as street maps and atlases for the Capital District and Hudson Valley. (Round Lake, NY)

DeLorme: Publisher of the landmark series of topographic state atlases and pioneer in commercial mapping software. Also online trip routing and map store. (Yarmouth, ME)