Updates to Empire State Roads

January-June, 2000

Jan. 3, 2000: Added the NY 97 travelogue. Corrected ocurrences of I-86 (see Dec. 4, above) to reflect the continued existence of NY 17.

Jan. 7, 2000: Removed links to a separate page, adding a collection of NYS map links.

Jan. 24, 2000: Added the Wayne County route list.

Jan. 27, 2000: Added the Jefferson County route list.

Feb. 10, 2000: Added the Suffolk County route list.

Mar. 30, 2000: Added the Ontario County route list. Major revision to Livingston County, including many new routes. Minor revisions to Genesee, Niagara, Orleans and Wayne Counties.

Apr. 25, 2000: Added the Steuben County route list and the NY 22 travelogue. New banner image added as well as a few links.

May 2, 2000: Opened the Maps section with a few rudimentary state maps.

May 5, 2000: The Counties map is improved, with all boundaries redrawn pixel-by-pixel for greater clarity and detail.

May 23, 2000: Added an excerpt from the Rochester Democrat and Chroniclearticle that features this site's editor.

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