Empire State Roads
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The Natural Setting
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An autumn scene along Allegany CR 15B, near Bridsall. This sparsely populated county offers many wonderful excursions displaying the grace and serenity of rural Western New York.
Ashokan Reservoir, in Ulster County, is part of the vast water supply system for New York City. A road across its center reveals the reservoir, here locked in March ice, with the Catskill Mountains for a stunning backdrop. With its subdued winter coloration, the scene is somehow more reflective than grandiose.
By far the most beautiful stretch of Interstate 390 is between Exits 2 and 3 in northern Steuben County. Here the highway rounds a wide curve, where a magnificent vista sweeps into view. The road descends into the valley of the Cohocton River, clinging to the hillside as it does so. The scene is spectacular at all times of the year, provided snow or fog do not obstruct the driver's vision.
Taughannock Falls is New York State's highest at 215 feet, but is perhaps more remarkable for its composition. It drops from a shallow, V-shaped valley over the edge of a symmetrical, semicircular cliff, into a perfectly round plunge pool. It is one of the large number of waterfalls found along the glens and gulfs that border each of the Finger Lakes.

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One of New York's oldest and best-known state parks is at Watkins Glen. A trip through this geological curiosity presents a bewildering array of forms and structures within a remarkably short distance. The Gorge Trail through the glen was constructed to blend perfectly with the natural surroundings, making it an achievement not only in civil works but also in aesthetics.
The beautiful Indian River from the CR 8 bridge in the tiny hamlet of Rossie, St. Lawrence County. Near this spot, a pair of abandoned, roofless stone shells of buildings complement the rock cliffs next to them along the river.
This photo composite shows a panoramic view of the Niagara River whirlpool, about two miles below the Falls. The land on the right lies in the United States, while that on the left is in Canada. The Spanish Aero Car seen here carries tourists over the whirlpool on an overhead cable. This view was taken from the cable car platform in Niagara Falls, Ontario, across the river from Whirlpool State Park.
Another panoramic composite shows Long Lake in the Adirondack region, as viewed from the NY 30 bridge in the hamlet of Long Lake. The lake has a somewhat Alpine appearance due to its elongated shape and its relatively unspoiled character.
Tibbets Point, at the eastern end of Lake Ontario, is considered an excellent spot to view sunsets down the length of the lake. Here is one supporting example.

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