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Orange County routes are posted routes, using either the standard pentagon shield, or the unique sign shown above. No numbering pattern is apparent.

County roads are sparse in Orange County, comprising only the most important local through roads. Many of these are of substantial length; these usually carry the lowest numbers.

In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed. In no case does any county route enter the Cities of Newburgh or Port Jervis, although it is quite usual for them to enter a Village.

1 Pine Island Turnpike US 6 CR 1A & CR 41, Edenville Greenville, Minisink, Warwick
1A Edenville Road
Pelton Road
CR 1 & CR 41, Edenville NY 94, S of Warwick Warwick
1B Pine Island Turnpike CR 41, N of Edenville Warwick vill. line Warwick
4 Maybrook Road NY 207, Campbell Hall NY 208, S of Maybrook Hamptonburgh
5 Dutch Hollow Road
Greenwood Lake Road
Lakes Road
Old Tuxedo Road, Greenwood Lake NY 17M, Monroe Greenwood Lake, Warwick, Chester, Monroe, Monroe
6 Pulaski Highway CR 1 & CR 26, Pine Island NY 17A, N of Florida Cornwall
7 Oakland Valley Road US 209, Cuddebackville Sullivan Co. line Deerpark Continues as Sullivan CR 49
8 Sarah Wells Trail NY 207, Goshen NY 208 Goshen, Goshen, Hamptonburgh
9 Smith Clove Road
Mineral Spring Road
Angola Road
Main Street
NS RR overpass, Central Valley NY 218, W of Cornwall-on-Hudson Woodbury, Cornwall
11 Highland Avenue
Mount Hope Road
Main Street, Otisville Middletown city line Otisville, Mount Hope, Wallkill
12 Lower Road CR 1 CR 50 & CR 56, Denton Minisink, Wawayanda
13 Kings Highway Warwick vill. line NY 17M, Chester Warwick, Chester, Chester
CR 82, S of Sugar Loaf CR 13, Sugar Loaf Chester
14 Albany Post Road NY 17K, N of Montgomery Ulster Co. line Montgomery Continues as Ulster CR 9
15 Clove Road New Jersey state line US 6, Port Jervis line Deerpark Continues as NJ 23
16 Maple Road New Jersey state line Port Jervis city line Deerpark Continues as Sussex CR 521
17 Thompson Ridge Road NY 302 & CR 48, Thompson Ridge NY 52 Crawford, Montgomery
18 Howells-Sullivan County Line Road NY 211, Howells Sullivan Co. line, New Vernon Wallkill, Mount Hope Continues as Sullivan CR 62
19 Old Orange Turnpike
Still Road
NY 17, Southfields NY 17M & CR 40, Monroe Tuxedo, Monroe, Monroe
20 Orrs Mill Road NY 94, Salisbury Mills NY 32, Orrs Mill Blooming Grove, Cornwall
21 Warwick Turnpike New Jersey state line NY 94, S of Warwick Warwick
22 Johnson-South Centerville Road NY 284, E of Johnson US 6, South Centerville Minisink, Wawayanda
23 Rock Cut Road
Forest Road
NY 17K Ulster Co. line Newburgh Continues as Ulster CR 20
24 Guymard Turnpike CR 35 & CR 73, Finchville CR 11, Mount Hope Mount Hope
25 Pumpkin Swamp Road
Meadow Road
CR 6, Durlandville NY 17A & NY 94, Florida Goshen, Warwick, Florida
26 Glenwood Road New Jersey state line CR 1 & CR 6, Pine Island Warwick Continues as Sussex CR 517
27 Clove Road NY 208, N of Merriewold Lake CR 20, Salisbury Mills Blooming Grove, Cornwall
29 River Road
South Montgomery Street
NY 17K, N of Montgomery NY 52, Walden Montgomery, Walden
31 Maple Avenue CR 37 & CR 42 US 6/NY 17M, W of Goshen Goshen
32 Mill Street
Willow Avenue
CR 107, Firthcliffe CR 9, Firthcliffe Cornwall
33 Shea Road CR 8 NY 207, Burnside Hamptonburgh
34 Trout Brook Road NY 32, N of Woodbury CR 9 Woodbury
35 Mountain Road US 6 & CR 55, Smith Corners CR 24 & CR 73, Finchville Greenville, Mount Hope
36 Unionville-New Jersey State Line Road New Jersey state line Unionville vill. line Minisink
37 Maple Avenue CR 12 CR 31 & CR 42 Wawayanda, Goshen
40 Freeland Street NY 17M & CR 19, Monroe CR 105 Monroe, Monroe
41 Union Corners Road
Highland Road
CR 1 & CR 1A, Edenville NY 17A/NY 94, Florida Warwick, Florida
42 Cross Road CR 31 & CR 37 CR 6, N of Durlandville Goshen
43 Collabar Road NY 17K, Collabar CR 17, Searsville Crawford
44 Mountain Road
Seven Springs Road
Ridge Road
NY 208, S of Merriewold Lake NY 32, Woodbury Blooming Grove, Monroe, Kiryas Joel, Woodbury
45 Laroe Road CR 5, S of Walton Park CR 13, S of Chester Chester
47 Scotchtown Road CR 63 & CR 101, Scotchtown NY 17K, Collabar Wallkill, Crawford
48 Thompson Ridge-Sullivan County Line Road Sullivan Co. line, Burlingham NY 302 & CR 17, Thompson Ridge Crawford Continues as Sullivan CR 66
49 Wawayanda Avenue US 6, W of Slate Hill Middletown city line 3rd time Wawayanda, MIDDLETOWN, Wallkill
50 Golf Links Road CR 12 & CR 56, Denton CR 67, E of Mechanicstown Wawayanda, Wallkill
51 Craigville Road
Hulsetown Road
Hamptonburgh Road
NY 17M, S of Oxford CR 8, Hamptonburgh Blooming Grove, Hamptonburgh
52 Hill Road CR 17 & CR 89 CR 14 Montgomery, Crawford line
53 LaGrange-Stony Ford Road
Ohaire Road
NY 207, LaGrange NY 211 Hamptonburgh, Wallkill
54 Drury Lane NY 207 NY 17K New Windsor, Newburgh, Montgomery line
55 Smith Corners-New Jersey State Line Road New Jersey state line US 6 & CR 35, Smith Corners Greenville Continues as Sussex CR 519
56 Davis Highway US 6, S of Middletown CR 12 & CR 50, Denton Wawayanda
60 Tally Ho Road CR 11, Mount Hope NY 211, Baileyville Mount Hope
61 Otisville Road NY 211, W of Otisville Sullivan Co. line, Westbrookville Mount Hope, Deerpark
62 Caddigans Corners-Gardnerville Road CR 12 NY 284, E of Johnson Minisink
63 Blumel Road NY 211, W of Michigan Corners CR 47 & CR 101, Scotchtown Wallkill
64 Dunderberg Road
Nininger Road
CR 105, Kiryas Joel line NY 32, N of Harriman Monroe, Woodbury
65 Angola Road NY 32, Mountainville CR 9, E of Mountainville Cornwall
66 Craigville Road NY 207, Goshen CR 51, Craigville Goshen, Goshen, Hamptonburgh
67 East Main Street
East Main Street Extension
Middletown city line NY 17 EB at Exit 122 Wallkill
68 Orange Farm Road CR 6 NY 17A, N of Florida Goshen
69 Union Avenue NY 300, W of New Windsor US 9W, New Windsor New Windsor
70 Etontown Road US 6, W of South Centerville CR 94 Greenville, Wawayanda line
71 Harriman Heights Road CR 19, S of Monroe NY 17M, Harriman Monroe, Harriman
72 Eagle Valley-Babcock Hill Road New Jersey state line Rockland Co. line Tuxedo Enters Rockland Co. briefly
Continues as Rockland CR 72
73 Mountain Road
Seybolt Avenue
CR 24 & CR 35, Finchville CR 11, Otisville Mount Hope, Otisville
74 Forge Hill Road NY 94, Vails Gate US 9W, E of Vails Gate New Windsor
75 Coldenham Road NY 17K, Coldenham NY 208, Walden Montgomery, Walden
76 Bloomingburg Road NY 17M at NY 17 (Exit 118A) Sullivan Co. line, Bloomingburg Wallkill
77 Egbertson Road CR 8, Hamptonburgh NY 207, W of Campbell Hall Hamptonburgh
78 Middletown Cut Off Road NY 17M, Middletown NY 211, Pilgram Corners MIDDLETOWN, Wawayanda, Wallkill
79 Pleasant Hill Road NY 32, Mountainville CR 20, W of Orrs Mill Cornwall
80 Neversink Drive Port Jervis city line US 209, S of Huguenot Deerpark
82 Bellvale Road
Gibson Hill Road
CR 13 CR 45 Chester
83 Scotchtown Avenue
Goshen Turnpike
NY 207, Goshen NY 211 & CR 101, Michigan Corners Goshen, Goshen, Hamptonburgh, Wallkill
84 Sterling Lake Road
Long Meadow Road
CR 72 NY 17A Tuxedo, Warwick
85 South St. Andrews Road
Plains Road
NY 52, East Walden Ulster Co. line Montgomery Continues as Ulster CR 21
86 Fostertown Road NY 32 US 9W, Balmville Newburgh
88 Liberty Corners Road New Jersey state line CR 1, W of Pine Island Warwick
89 Hill Road NY 52 CR 17 & CR 52 Crawford
90 Sanitarium Road NY 211, Otisville line Sullivan Co. line Mount Hope, Otisville line Continues as Sullivan CR 65
91 West Mombasha Road Tuxedo town line CR 5, W of Monroe Monroe
92 Dunning Road CR 67, E of Mechanicstown NY 211, E of Middletown Wallkill
93 Limekiln Road CR 12 US 6, E of South Centerville Wawayanda
94 Greenville Turnpike CR 70 CR 24, W of Mount Hope Greenville, Mount Hope
95 Dunderberg Road Extension CR 64 NY 32, Central Valley Woodbury
96 Carpenter Avenue CR 67, East Middletown NY 211, E of Middletown Wallkill
99 Neelytown Road NY 416, S of Montgomery NY 208, N of Maybrook Montgomery
100 Gibson Road CR 31, W of Goshen NY 17A, S of Goshen Goshen
101 Goshen Turnpike NY 211 & CR 83, Michigan Corners NY 302, Circleville Wallkill
105 Main Street
Spring Street
Highland Mills-Monroe Road
NY 208, Monroe NY 32, Highland Mills Monroe, Monroe, Kiryas Joel, Woodbury
106 Kanawauke Road NY 17 & NY 17A Rockland Co. line Tuxedo Old NY 210
Continues as Rockland CR 106
107 Quaker Avenue NY 32, S of Orrs Mill US 9W NB ramps, Firthcliffe Cornwall
108 Schutt Road Extension CR 67, Mechanicstown CR 92, N of Mechanicstown Wallkill

SOURCES: NYSDOT Orange County map (1992), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Image by C. C. Slater, provided courtesy of James Lin.

Edition 09/16/MM

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