Region 2

Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Madison, Montgomery and Oneida Counties

Below is a list of all of the reference routes assigned by NYSDOT in this Region.

Explanation of columns:
RTE #: Gives the true route number, as assigned by NYSDOT for all record-keeping purposes. This may differ from the route number shown on reference markers.
DESCRIPTION: A concise description of the route, including the counties in which it lies.
LGTH: The length in miles of the route, measured from south to north or from west to east.
MKR: The route number shown on the top line of reference markers, if present. This may differ from the actual route number.
NOTES: Identifies the agency responsible for maintaining the route, if other than NYSDOT. Also gives former touring route numbers and any other special information.

Italicized routes are obsolete designations.

920A East Avenue, NY 67 to Johnstown city line, town of Johnstown - Fulton Co. 0.06 None
920B Cont. of CR 140, W from NY 10, Ephratah - Fulton Co. 0.14 920B Part of NY 67 old routing
920C Briggs Street, W from NY 29 & NY 30A, city of Johnstown - Fulton Co. 0.25 920C
920D Harrison Avenue, NY 29 to NY 30A, town of Johnstown - Fulton Co. 0.68 920D
920H Bridge Street, NY 30 to Northville vill. line, town of Northampton - Fulton Co. 0.23 None Part of NY 30 old routing
920J Saratoga Blvd. & Steele Avenue, Gloversville line to NY 29, town of Johnstown - Fulton Co. 2.08 29A Part of NY 29A old routing
920P Riverside Drive, NY 30A (Fultonville) to NY 5S, town of Glen - Montgomery Co. 2.20 862
920T Moyer Street, S from Montgomery St., village of Canajoharie - Montgomery Co. 0.56 927
920V Prospect Street, NY 365 to NY 12/NY 28 (Remsen), towns of Trenton & Remsen - Oneida Co. 2.79 920V
Old NY 28B
920W Shore Road, town of Verona - Oneida Co.

921B Burrstone Road, Main St. (New York Mills) to Bennett St. (Utica) - Oneida Co. 1.93 921B

921C Genesee Street, NY 5S to Herkimer Road, city of Utica - Oneida Co. 1.31 921C Part of NY 5/NY 8/NY 12 old routing
921D Mappa Avenue, NY 12/NY 28 to NY 365, village of Barneveld - Oneida Co. 0.69 921D Part of NY 12/NY 28 old routing
921E Genesee Street, NY 12 to Utica line, town of New Hartford - Oneida Co. 1.06 922 Part of NY 5/NY 12 old routing
921F Barnes Avenue, Utica line to MA&N RR, town of Marcy - Oneida Co. 0.82 None
921G Conn. from NY 29 to NY 29A (S leg), Salisbury Center - Herkimer Co. 0.13 928
921K Forest Avenue, town of Verona - Oneida Co.

921P John Street, NY 5S to Broad Street, city of Utica - Oneida Co. 0.10 None
921T Campion Road, Oxford Road & Mill Street, NY 8 to NY 8, village of New Hartford - Oneida Co. 0.49 921T
921V Schuyler Street, NY 5 EB to NY 5 WB, city of Amsterdam - Montgomery Co. 0.02

921W French Road, Champlin Avenue & Whitesboro Street, Utica line to NY 5A (Yorkville) - Oneida Co. 2.02 None
922A Mohawk Street, NY 69 (Whitesboro) to River Road, towns of Whitestown & Marcy - Oneida Co. 1.59 922A
922B Washington Street, NY 5S to NY 5, village of Herkimer - Herkimer Co. 0.69 None
922C College Hill Road, W from NY 233 & NY 412, town of Kirkland - Oneida Co. 0.03 None
922E River Street, NY 69 (Oriskany) to NY 49, towns of Whitestown & Marcy - Oneida Co. 1.19 922E
926A NY 8/NY 12 NB service road, city of Utica & town of Deerfield - Oneida Co. 1.13 926A

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