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Washington County routes are marked with standard county route signage, as shown above. Numbers increase from north to south through the County, with groupings usually occurring in each Town. The highest few numbers are scattered.

Washington County's highways comprise generally medium- to long-distance routes connecting important points. A far greater highway mileage falls upon the various Towns.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed. Road names are listed where known, although most county highways are referred to by number.

1 Dead end at Lake George, Glenburnie NY 22, N of Putnam Center Putnam
2 Lower Road NY 22, Putnam Center Essex Co. line Putnam Continues as Essex CR
Part is old NY 22
3 CR 2, Putnam Center Dead end at Putnam Station Putnam
6 Dead end at Lake George, Huletts Landing NY 22, Clemons Dresden Includes dead-end spur W of NY 22
6A Becomes town road, S of Huletts Landing CR 6, Huletts Landing Dresden
6B CR 6, Huletts Landing Becomes town road, N of Huletts Landing Dresden
7 Becomes town road, c. 1.8 mi. S of NY 22 NY 22, W of Whitehall Dresden
7A 1) NY 22, W of Whitehall Dead end at fishing pier Dresden Old NY 22
2) Dead end at fishing pier NY 22, Whitehall Whitehall
9 Old Fairhaven Road CR 10, Whitehall US 4 & CR 21 Whitehall, Whitehall
9A US 4, E of Whitehall CR 9, E of Whitehall Whitehall
9B US 4, E of Whitehall CR 9, E of Whitehall Whitehall
10 Sciota Road CR 9, Whitehall Vermont state line Whitehall, Whitehall
11 CR 10, E of Whitehall Vermont state line Whitehall, Hampton
12 NY 22, Truthville Whitehall vill. line Granville, Whitehall
12A NY 22, Truthville CR 12, Truthville Granville
16 US 4, Fort Ann Fish Hill Road, South Bay Fort Ann, Fort Ann
17 NY 149 NY 22, North Granville Hartford, Fort Ann, Granville
17A CR 17, W of West Granville NY 22 Fort Ann
18 US 4, E of Whitehall CR 18A, Vermont state line Whitehall, Hampton Old NY 273
18A CR 18, Vermont state line NY 22A, N of Hampton Hampton
20 NY 22A, S of Hampton Vermont state line Hampton
21 NY 22A, Raceville US 4 & CR 9 Granville, Hampton, Whitehall
23 1) NY 149, Hartford NY 40, N of Hartford Hartford Old NY 40
2) NY 40, N of Hartford NY 22A, Middle Granville Granville
23A CR 23, Hartford NY 40/NY 149, Hartford Hartford
24 North Street NY 149, Granville NY 22A, Middle Granville Granville, Granville
25 Pine Street CR 24, Granville Vermont state line Granville, Granville Continues as VT 31
26 Church Street NY 22 & NY 149, S of Granville Potter Avenue, Granville Granville, Granville
27 NY 149 & CR 28, South Granville NY 22 Granville
28 CR 31, E of North Hebron NY 149 & CR 27, South Granville Hebron, Granville
29 NY 22 Vermont state line Granville
30 CR 153, Salem vill. line NY 40, South Hartford Salem, Hebron, Hartford
31 CR 30, N of West Hebron Vermont state line Hebron
32 Warren Co. line Becomes town road at Pilot Knob Fort Ann Continues as Warren CR 38
35 Vaughn Road US 4, Hudson Falls line Warren Co. line Kingsbury Continues as Warren CR 39
36 CR 35 US 4, Kingsbury Kingsbury
37 US 4, Fort Edward NY 32 & NY 196, E of Hudson Falls Fort Edward, Fort Edward, Hudson Falls, Kingsbury
40 US 4, S of Hudson Falls CR 37, S of Hudson Falls Fort Edward
41 Notre Dame Street US 4, Hudson Falls NY 149 (2-leg jct.), Smiths Basin Hudson Falls, Kingsbury
42 NY 197, E of Fort Edward NY 196, E of Hudson Falls Fort Edward, Kingsbury
43 NY 197, N of Argyle NY 149, Smiths Basin Argyle, Kingsbury, Hartford line
44 NY 197, N of Argyle NY 40, North Argyle Argyle
45 NY 40, North Argyle CR 30, N of Belcher Argyle, Hebron
46 US 4, N of Fort Miller US 4, S of Fort Edward Fort Edward, Argyle, Fort Edward line
47 NY 40, Argyle vill. line CR 30, N of West Hebron Argyle, Hebron
48 CR 49, W of Cossayuna CR 47 Greenwich, Argyle
49 NY 40, South Argyle NY 29, W of East Greenwich Argyle, Greenwich Old NY 338
52 Greenwich vill. line Edie Road, McClay Road & North Greenwich Road, North Greenwich Greenwich
53 Batten Kill RR, W of Middle Falls NY 29/NY 40, Middle Falls Greenwich
54 CR 113 NY 40, Crandall Corners Easton
59 Rensselaer Co. line, Buskirk NY 372, Cambridge Cambridge, White Creek line, Cambridge Continues as Rensselaer CR 103
59A CR 74, South Cambridge CR 59, E of South Cambridge Cambridge
60 CR 59, Center Cambridge NY 372 Cambridge
61 NY 29, Battenville NY 313 Greenwich, Jackson, Salem
62 NY 372, N of Coila CR 61, E of Battenville Jackson
64 NY 22 & CR 78, N of Cambridge NY 22, Salem vill. line Jackson, Salem, Salem line
64A CR 61, Shushan CR 64, Shushan Salem
67 East Main Street NY 22 & NY 372, Cambridge Ash Grove Road & Chestnut Hill Road, Ash Grove Cambridge, White Creek
68 NY 22, Center White Creek Vermont state line White Creek
69 Old NY 22, E of Eagle Bridge CR 68, E of Post Corners White Creek
70 Dead end at Hudson River CR 113, Clarks Mills Greenwich Bridge closed to Saratoga CR 42
70A CR 70, W of Clarks Mills CR 113, W of Clarks Mills Greenwich
71 South Union Street, Cambridge vill. line NY 22, S of Cambridge White Creek
74 Eddy Street Rensselaer Co. line NY 372, Greenwich Cambridge, Easton, Greenwich Continues as Rensselaer CR 114
74A CR 74 NY 372, S of Greenwich Easton, Cambridge
75 Boulevard Street Warren Co. line, Hudson Falls US 4, Hudson Falls Hudson Falls Continues as Warren CR 79
Old NY 32
77 Town road, S of Fort Miller NY 40, N of Middle Falls Greenwich
78 NY 22, N of Cambridge NY 22 & CR 64, N of Cambridge Jackson
99 County offices US 4, S of Hudson Falls Fort Edward
113 River Road Rensselaer Co. line US 4, Thomson Easton, Greenwich Continues as Rensselaer CR 120
153 West Broadway
East Broadway
NY 22, Salem vill. line Vermont state line Salem, Salem Continues as VT 153
Old NY 153

SOURCES: NYSDOT Washington County map (1993), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

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