Tompkins County routes are not posted. Numbers begin at 100 in the Town of Groton and progress in a clockwise direction through the county, ending in the Town of Lansing. Numbers above 155 are located throughout the County.

County routes generally consist of one or more named segments in a continuous path between logical termini. Tompkins County maintains a fairly extensive system of highways, with both primary and secondary local roads falling within its scope.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed. No county road enters the City of Ithaca.

100 North Lansing School Road
West Groton Road
CR 151 CR 190, W of Groton Lansing, Groton
101 Cobb Street CR 153 Cayuga Co. line Groton Continues as Cayuga CR 50
102 Salt Road CR 104, W of McLean Cayuga Co. line Groton Continues as Cayuga CR 102
103 Groton City Road NY 222, E of Lafayette Corners Cayuga Co. line Groton Continues as Cayuga CR 101
103A Champlin Road NY 222, W of Lafayette Corners CR 103, W of Groton City Groton
103B Hinman Road CR 103, Groton City Cayuga Co. line Groton Continues as Cayuga CR 163
104 Stevens Road CR 102, W of McLean CR 105, CR 106 & CR 180, McLean Groton
105 Fall Creek Road
McLean-Cortland Road
Freeville vill. line Cortland Co. line Dryden, Groton Continues as Cortland CR 120
106 Gulf Hill Road NY 13 CR 104, CR 105 & CR 180, McLean Dryden, Groton
107 Peruville Road NY 34B & NY 38, E of Peruville CR 105, McLean Dryden, Groton lines
107A Old Peruville Road NY 34B, W of Peruville CR 107, E of Peruville Groton
108 Asbury Road
West Dryden Road
NY 34, Asbury NY 38, Freeville line Lansing, Dryden
109 Hanshaw Road
Etna Road
Etna Lane
Cayuga Heights vill. line NY 13, E of Etna Ithaca, Dryden
110 Ellis Hollow Road Ithaca city line CR 164, Ellis Hollow Ithaca, Dryden Old NY 393
113 Caroline Depot Road
White Church Road
Lounsberry Road
CR 119, W of Caroline Depot NY 79, W of West Slaterville Caroline
113A Brooktondale Road CR 115, W of Brooktondale CR 113, Brooktondale Caroline
114 Boiceville Road CR 115, E of Brooktondale NY 79, West Slaterville Caroline
115 1) Brooktondale Road
Valley Road
Central Chapel Road
Old 76 Road
NY 79, E of Bethel Grove Tioga Co. line Dryden, Caroline Old NY 330
Continues as Tioga CR 33/CH 308
2) Mill Road CR 115 (1), Speedsville Tioga Co. line Caroline Continues as Tioga CR 33/CH 208
117 Harford-Slaterville Road NY 79, Slaterville Springs Cortland Co. line Caroline, Dryden Enters Tioga Co. as CR 29/CH 702
Continues as Cortland CR 137
117A Flat Iron Road NY 79, Caroline CR 117, N of Caroline Caroline
119 Coddington Road Tioga Co. line NY 96B, South Hill Caroline, Danby, Ithaca Excludes portion within City of Ithaca
Continues as Tioga CR 15/CH 301
120 Judd Falls Road CR 110 & CR 174, E of Ithaca NY 366, E of Ithaca Ithaca
121 Warren Road 1) Forest Home Drive, Forest Home Lansing town/vill. line Ithaca
2) NY 13, Lansing CR 108, E of Asbury Lansing, Lansing
122 1) Pleasant Grove Road Forest Home Drive, Forest Home Cayuga Heights vill. line Ithaca
2) North Triphammer Road Lansing vill. line NY 34, E of South Lansing Lansing
123 Hornbrook Road
Nelson Road
Troy Road
NY 96B, Danby CR 119, South Hill Danby, Ithaca
125 South Danby Road Tioga Co. line NY 96B Danby Continues as Tioga CR 5/CH 804
126 Bald Hill Road Comfort Road NY 96B, Danby Danby
127 Miller Road West CR 128 NY 96B, N of Danby Danby
128 Jersey Hill Road
Gunderman Road
Comfort Road
CR 128 NY 96B, S of South Hill Danby
129 Vanbuskirk Gulf Road CR 132 CR 131 Newfield
130 Newfield Depot Road Main Street, Newfield NY 34/NY 96, Newfield Station Newfield
131 Shaffer Road Chemung Co. line Main Street, Newfield Newfield Continues as Chemung CR 13
131A Adams Road CR 131, E of Newfield CR 130, E of Newfield Newfield
132 Van Kirk Road Chemung/Schuyler Co. line Main Street, W of Newfield Newfield Continues as Chemung CR 54
133 Trumbulls Corners Road Main Street, W of Newfield NY 327, S of Bostwick Corners Newfield, Enfield
133A Sebring Road NY 13 Test Road Newfield
134 Millard Hill Road CR 133, Trumbull Corners NY 13 Newfield
135 Cayuta Road Schuyler Co. line NY 13 Newfield Continues as Schuyler CR 12
136 Connecticut Hill Road
Black Oak Road
Waterburg Road
South Street Extension
CR 133, N of Trumbull Corners Trumansburg vill. line Enfield, Ulysses
137 Bostwick Road CR 143, E of Bostwick Corners NY 13A, W of Ithaca Enfield, Ithaca
138 Bundy Road CR 172 NY 96, N of Ithaca Ithaca
139 Hayts Road CR 170 NY 96, Hayt Corner Enfield, Ithaca
140 DuBois Road NY 96, Northwest Ithaca CR 145, Willow Creek Ithaca, Ulysses
141 Krum Corners Road NY 96, Krum Corner CR 140 Ulysses
142 Perry City Road Schuyler Co. line, Perry City NY 89 Ulysses Continues as Schuyler CR 3
143 South Applegate Road
North Applegate Road
Jacksonville Road
Falls Road
Cemetery Street
CR 137, E of Bostwick Corners NY 96, Trumansburg line Enfield, Ulysses, Trumansburg line
143A Taughannock Park Road NY 96, Halseyville CR 143, Taughannock Falls Ulysses
144 Agard Road
Willow Creek Road
CR 143, N of Jacksonville CR 145, Willow Creek Ulysses
145 Kraft Road CR 143, N of Jacksonville NY 89 Ulysses
146 Podunk Road NY 79 CR 136, Podunk Enfield, Ulysses
147 Swamp College Road CR 147, S of Trumansburg NY 96, Jacksonville Ulysses
149 Searsburg Road Schuyler Co. line Trumansburg vill. line Ulysses Continues as Schuyler CR 1
150 Portland Point Road Dead end, Portland NY 34B, W of South Lansing Lansing
151 Van Ostrand Road NY 34B, E of South Lansing CR 100 Lansing
152 East Lansing Road NY 34 CR 151, East Lansing Lansing
153 Buck Road
Pleasant Valley Road
CR 151, S of East Lansing CR 107A, Peruville Lansing, Groton
154 Locke Road NY 34, North Lansing Cayuga Co. line Lansing Continues as Cayuga CR 48
155 Lansingville Road NY 34B, W of Ludlowville Cayuga Co. line Lansing Continues as Cayuga CR 32
156 Sovocool Point Road
Milliken Station Road
Cayuga Drive
Norfolk Southern RR at Lake Ridge Point NY 34B, Lake Ridge Lansing
157 Lake Road Cortland Co. line Dryden vill. line Dryden Continues as Cortland CR 129
159 Ludlowville Road
Brickyard Road
NY 34B, W of Ludlowville NY 34B, S of Ludlowville Lansing
161 Turkey Hill Road CR 110, E of Hibbards Corner NY 366, Varna Dryden
162 Midline Road NY 79, Slaterville Springs CR 164 Caroline, Dryden
162A Irish Settlement Road CR 162 NY 13, Willow Glen Dryden
163 North Road NY 13, N of Dryden CR 105, S of McLean Dryden
164 South Ellis Hollow Road
Ellis Hollow Creek Road
Ringwood Road
NY 79, West Slaterville NY 13, W of Willow Glen Caroline, Dryden
166 North Caswell Road CR 108, W of Freeville NY 34B, S of Peruville Dryden
169 Lick Street
South Main Street Extension
CR 107 Groton vill. line Groton
170 Halseyville Road NY 79 & NY 327, W of Applegate Corner NY 96, S of Trumansburg Enfield, Ulysses
171 Chipman Corners Road NY 38, N of Groton Cayuga Co. line Groton Continues as Cayuga CR 161
172 Sheffield Road CR 137 CR 177, S of Krum Corner Ithaca, Enfield lines
173 Game Farm Road Stevenson Road NY 13, W of Varna Ithaca, Dryden lines
174 Pine Tree Road NY 79, E of Ithaca CR 110 & CR 120, E of Ithaca Ithaca
175 Besemer Road CR 115, W of Brooktondale NY 79, Besemer Caroline
177 Iradell Road CR 136 NY 96, S of Krum Corner Ulysses, Enfield, Ithaca line
178 Smith Road CR 153, Pleasant Valley CR 100, W of Groton Groton
179 East King Road NY 96B, South Hill CR 119, South Hill Ithaca
180 Lafayette Road CR 104, CR 105 & CR 106, McLean NY 222, Lafayette Corners Groton
181 Talmadge Road CR 154, E of North Lansing CR 101, N of West Groton Lansing, Groton
182 Hanshaw Road
Neimi Road
Sheldon Road
CR 109 NY 34B Dryden
183 Weatherby Road Schuyler Co. line CR 136 Enfield
184 Jerry Smith Road NY 34B, S of Lake Ridge CR 155, Lansingville Lansing
185 Lake Ridge Road NY 34B, Lake Ridge Cayuga Co. line Lansing
186 Conlon Road NY 34B, South Lansing NY 34 Lansing
187 Hillview Road NY 34/NY 96 Tioga Co. line Danby Continues as Tioga CR 1/CH 803
188 Station Road NY 34/NY 96, West Danby Norfolk Southern RR, West Danby Danby
189 Fenner Road NY 34B, Lake Ridge CR 155, N of Lansingville Lansing
190 Spring Street Extension CR 101, S of West Groton Groton vill. line Groton

SOURCES: Tompkins County official highway map (TCITS-2000), NYSDOT Tompkins County map (1996), NYSDOT Ithaca area quadrangle maps (1996), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 12/21/MM

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