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Tioga County posts a system of touring routes, using the standard pantagon shield shown above, with the numbers given in the "CR#" column below. Even numbers are east-west, and odd numbers are north-south; the numbers increase roughly from west to east across the County. Tioga County highways are also assigned section numbers, listed in the "CH#" column below. These are 3-digit numbers, with the first digit indicating the Town, as follows: 1) Barton, 2) Berkshire, 3) Candor, 4) Newark Valley, 5) Nichols, 6) Owego, 7) Richford, 8) Spencer, and 9) Tioga. The second and third digits remain the same throughout the length of each named road segment, which in turn usually corresponds to a single county touring route.

Tioga County's highway system is quite limited, comprising only the most important local through routes. By far, the majority of roads in Tioga County are town roads.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed, although no county highway wholly enters any Village.

1 803 Michigan Hollow Road NY 34/NY 96, North Spencer Tompkins Co. line Spencer Continues as Tompkins CR 187
2 105
Hamilton Valley Road Poole Road & Stone Quarry Road CR 7/CH 901, Halsey Valley Barton, Tioga
3 102
Dean Creek Road NY 34, N of Lockwood CR 18/CH 806, W of Spencer Barton, Spencer
4 501 West River Drive Pennsylvania state line NY 282, W of Nichols Nichols Continues as PA SR 1043
5 804 Crumtown Road NY 96, E of Spencer Tompkins Co. line Spencer Continues as Tompkins CR 125
6 502 East River Drive Nichols vill. line Dead end at NY 17 Nichols Old NY 283
7 901
Halsey Valley Road NY 17C, Tioga Center NY 96, E of Spencer Tioga, Barton, Spencer
8 203 Glen Road CR 33/CH 208, N of Speedsville NY 38, Berkshire Berkshire
9 103
Ellis Creek Road NY 17C, Ellistown CR 7/CH 901, S of Halsey Valley Barton, Tioga
10 202 East Berkshire Road NY 38, Berkshire CR 37/CH 201, East Berkshire Berkshire
Broad Street Extension
North Ellistown Road
Waverly vill. line NY 17C, East Waverly Barton, Waverly line
11 104
Oak Hill Road Barton Road, Barton CR 9, CH 103 & CH 903 Barton, Tioga
14 605 Day Hollow Road NY 17C, E of Owego Broome Co. line Owego Continues as Broome CR 60
15 301 Coddington Road NY 96B, Willseyville Tompkins Co. line Candor Part is old NY 96B
Continues as Tompkins CR 119
304 NY 96B, Willseyville CR 15/CH 301, Willseyville Old NY 96B
17 305 Honeypot Road NY 96B & SR 960H, N of Candor Becomes town road, c. 0.1 mi. S of Blinn Road Candor
18 806 Sabin Road Chemung Co. line Spencer vill. line Spencer Continues as Chemung CR 46
20 606 Taylor Road
Bodle Hill Road
Owego vill. line CR 14/CH 605, E of Lincolnshire Owego
21 902
Straits Corners Road CR 7/CH 901 NY 96, W of Candor Tioga, Candor
23 906 Glen Mary Road NY 17C, W of Owego NY 96, S of Catatonk Tioga
25 603
Sulphur Springs Road Sibley Road Owego vill. line Owego, Nichols
27 610 Montrose Turnpike Pennsylvania state line Owego vill. line Owego Continues as PA SR 1059
29 702 Harford Road Tompkins Co. line Tompkins Co. line Richford Continues N and S as Tompkins CR 117
33 608 
West Creek Road NY 38, Flemingsville NY 79, W of Richford Owego, Newark Valley, Candor, Berkshire, Richford Enters Tompkins Co. as CR 115, Speedsville
37 401
Wilson Creek Road NY 38, N of Newark Valley CR 10/CH 202, East Berkshire Newark Valley, Berkshire
39 607 Gaskill Road CR 14/CH 605, E of Lincolnshire NY 38, N of Flemingsville Owego
41 601 Pennsylvania Avenue Pennsylvania state line NY 434, Apalachin Owego Continues as PA 858
43 907 Goodrich Road NY 17C, W of Owego CR 23/CH 906, Goodrich Tioga
54 509 Stanton Hill Road CR 6/CH 502, Lounsberry CR 25/CH 503, S of Owego Nichols
60 106 Chemung Street Chemung Co. line Waverly vill. line Barton Continues as Chemung CR 60
Old NY 17
65 609 Corporate Drive NY 38, N of Owego Dead end at O&H Rwy. Owego

SOURCES: Tioga County official highway map (The National Survey-1998), NYSDOT Tioga County map (1995), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 12/13/MM

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