[ St. Lawrence County Route Marker ]

St. Lawrence County marks its highways with the standard shield shown above. Even numbers run generally from southwest to northeast, parallel to the St. Lawrence River, with numbers incresing from west to east across the County. Odd numbers run generally south to north, or southeast to northwest, increasing also from west to east. The routes are usually long, some extremely so, and connect several hamlets and Villages. They are given official names, usually according to the points they connect, with the effect that each county road has a single name for its entire length. Most of these names are uninspired and unwieldy, and are likely not used in common parlance. Furthermore, a few additional local names are given.

Distribution of county routes is moderate to sparse; however, the size of this largest of New York Counties and the length of the routes make for a fairly extensive system of roadways. Other than primary connecting highways, however, most local roads are town roads.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed. No county route enters the City of Ogdensburg, nor wholly enters any Village.

1 Webster Road NY 37, South Hammond CR 6, S of Chippewa Bay Hammond
2 Brier Hill-Longs Corners Road NY 37, Brier Hill NY 58, S of Morristown Morristown
3 Oxbow-Rossie-Hammond Road 1) Jefferson Co. line NY 37, S of Hammond Rossie, Hammond Old NY 185
Continues as Jefferson CR 25
2) CR 6, W of Hammond Becomes town road at Chippewa Creek, North Hammond Hammond
4 Eel Weir Road CR 6, Galilee NY 68, S of Ogdensburg Oswegatchie
5 Black Lake-Brier Hill Road CR 6, W of Edwardsville NY 37, S of Brier Hill Morristown
6 Jefferson County Line-Hammond-Ogdensburg Road
Calaboga Road
Denner Road
Jefferson Co. line NY 37, Ogdensburg line Hammond, Morristown, Oswegatchie Excludes portion within Village of Hammond
Continues as Jefferson CR 111
7 Macomb-Pope Mills Road CR 10 NY 184, E of Pope Mills Macomb
8 Rossie-Brasie Corners Road CR 3, Rossie NY 58, Brasie Corners Rossie, Macomb
9 Spragueville Road Jefferson Co. line, Spragueville US 11, W of Gouverneur Rossie, Fowler line, Gouverneur Continues as Jefferson CR 26
10 Rossie-Heuvelton-Lisbon Road 1) CR 3 near Jefferson Co. line NY 184, S of Heuvelton Rossie, Macomb, De Peyster
2) Heuvelton vill. line CR 27, N of Lisbon Oswegatchie, Lisbon
11 Rock Island Road
Gouverneur-De Peyster Road
Gouverneur vill. line CR 10, S of De Peyster Gouverneur, De Kalb, De Peyster
12 Oxbow-Gouverneur Road Jefferson Co. line Gouverneur vill. line Rossie, Gouverneur Continues as Jefferson CR 25
13 Baker Corners-Barnum School Road Chub Lake Road & Small Flats Road CR 19 Hermon
14 Rensselaer Falls-Madrid-Louisville Road 1) NY 812, S of Rensselaer Falls CR 31, Madrid De Kalb, Canton, Lisbon, Potsdam, Madrid Excludes portion within Village of Rensselaer Falls
Part is old NY 345
2) NY 345, Madrid NY 37, W of Louisville Madrid, Waddington, Louisville
15 Route 11-Rensselaer Falls-Heuvelton Road Old State Road, E of De Kalb Junction Heuvelton vill. line Canton, Oswegatchie Excludes portion within Village of Rensselaer Falls
16 McAdoo Road NY 812, N of De Kalb (2-leg jct.) CR 15, S of Rensselaer Falls De Kalb, Canton
17 Degrasse-De Peyster Road 1) CR 27, Degrasse CR 24, S of Russell Russell
2) CR 24, Russell Hermon vill. line Russell, Hermon Old NY 87
3) Hermon vill. line CR 11, S of De Peyster Hermon, De Kalb, De Peyster Part is old NY 87
18 De Kalb-Richville Road CR 20, E of Richville CR 19 De Kalb
19 Edwards-De Kalb Road Edwards vill. line US 11, W of De Kalb Junction Edwards, Hermon, De Kalb
20 Richville-Hermon Road Richville vill. line Hermon vill. line De Kalb, Hermon
21 Edwards-Hermon-Canton Road CR 24, N of Edwards CR 25, S of Canton Edwards, Hermon, Russell, Canton Excludes portion within Village of Hermon
21A Bridge Street & Churchill Street, Pyrites CR 21, N of Pyrites Canton
22 Spragueville-Emeryville Road Jefferson Co. line Becomes town road at Oswegatchie River, Emeryville Rossie, Fowler Also includes NY 812 ext. to Little York Road, Fowler
23 East Pitcairn-South Edwards Road NY 3, East Pitcairn NY 58, South Edwards Pitcairn, Edwards
23A NY 3 CR 23, East Pitcairn Pitcairn
24 Jefferson County Line-Russell-Pierrepont Road 1) Jefferson/Lewis Co. line NY 58, N of Fullerville Fowler, Edwards Also includes old NY 812, Balmat
2) NY 58, S of Edwards Russell Turnpike Road, Lenny Road & Church River Road, Browns Bridge Edwards, Russell, Pierrepont Also includes Maiden Lane, Russell
Excludes portion within Village of Edwards
Part is old NY 87
25 Russell-Martin Corners Road CR 24, E of Russell CR 27, S of Canton Russell, Canton
26 Pitcairn-Fowler Road NY 812 NY 3, W of Pitcairn Pitcairn
27 Fine-Canton-Lisbon Road
Five Mile Line Road
CR 27A, E of Fine NY 37, Red Mills Fine, Russell, Clare, Pierrepont, Canton, Lisbon Excludes portion within Village of Canton
Part is old NY 345
27A Fine-Canton-Lisbon Road NY 58, Fine NY 3, E of Fine Fine
28 Ogdensburg-Waddington Road NY 37, E of Ogdensburg NY 37, W of Waddington Lisbon, Waddington Old NY 37A
29 Waterman Hill-Pierrepont Road CR 27 CR 24, Pierrepont Canton, Pierrepont
30 Lisbon-Madrid Road CR 27 CR 31, W of Madrid Lisbon, Madrid
31 Madrid-Chipman Road NY 345, Madrid CR 28, Pine Grove Madrid, Waddington, Lisbon
31A Connie Woods Road CR 31, W of Chipman NY 37, W of Waddington Waddington
32 County Farm Road Dead end at Grass River CR 27, N of Canton Canton
33 Chipman-Waddington Road CR 31, Chipman NY 345, S of Waddington Waddington
34 West Potsdam Road CR 14, Bucks Bridge NY 345, W of Potsdam Potsdam
35 Crary Mills-Norwood Road NY 68, S of Crary Mills Norwood vill. line Canton, Potsdam
36 Chase Mills-Louisville Road CR 14, Chase Mills NY 56, W of Massena Louisville, Waddington line, Madrid line
37 Massena-Helena-Franklin County Line Road 1) Massena vill. line CR 53 & CR 55, Helena Massena, Brasher
2) NY 37C, Helena Franklin Co. line Brasher Continues as Franklin CR 9
38 Norfolk-Brasher Center Road
West Main Street
NY 310, W of Norfolk CR 53, Brasher Center Madrid, Norfolk, Brasher Part is old NY 56A
38A West Main Street CR 38, Norfolk NY 56, Norfolk Norfolk
39 Raymondville-Louisville Road NY 310, N of Raymondville NY 37, N of Louisville Norfolk, Louisville
40 North Raquette Road NY 56, W of Massena Massena vill. line Norfolk, Louisville
41 Browning Road NY 37, W of Massena NY 131 Louisville
42 Massena-Massena Center Road Massena vill. line Fregoe Road & Kinnie Road, E of Massena Center Massena
42A Trippany Road, E of Massena CR 42, Massena Center Massena
43 Massena-Louisville Town Line Road NY 37B, Massena vill. line Becomes SR 971J, N of Massena Louisville, Massena, Massena lines
44 Norfolk-Waddington Road CR 38, W of Norfolk Waddington vill. line Madrid, Waddington
45 Rooseveltown Access Road Roosevelt Road, S of Rooseveltown Haverstock Road, W of Rooseveltown Massena
46 Massena-Raquette River Road CR 37, E of Massena NY 37C, Raquette River Massena
47 Parishville-Norfolk Road 1) NY 72, Parishville US 11, Stockholm Center Parishville, Stockholm
2) US 11, W of Stockholm Center NY 56, Norfolk Stockholm, Norfolk
48 Norwood-Knapps Station Road Norwood vill. line CR 47, North Stockholm Potsdam, Stockholm
48A Yaleville Road Becomes town road at Yaleville NY 56, N of Norwood Norfolk
49 Hopkinton-Winthrop Road 1) NY 11B, Hopkinton NY 420, Winthrop Hopkinton, Lawrence, Stockholm
2) NY 420, N of Winthrop CR 38, E of Norfolk Stockholm, Norfolk
50 Brasher Falls-Deer River Road NY 11C, Brasher Falls CR 55, N of North Lawrence Brasher
51 Fort Jackson-Wagstaff Corners Road CR 49, Fort Jackson CR 54 Lawrence
52 North Lawrence-Moira Road NY 11C, North Lawrence Franklin Co. line Lawrence, Brasher Continues as Franklin CR 6
53 Brasher Falls-Helena Road NY 11C, Brasher Falls CR 37 & CR 55, Helena Brasher
54 Stockholm-Lawrence Road CR 49, S of Winthrop US 11, Lawrenceville Stockholm, Lawrence
55 1) Nicholville-Helena Road NY 11B, Nicholville US 11 & NY 11C, W of Lawrenceville Lawrence Old NY 195
2) Nicholville-Helena Road
Main Street
NY 11C, North Lawrence CR 37 & CR 53, Helena Lawrence, Brasher
56 Allen Falls Road CR 47, N of Parishville NY 72, S of Hopkinton Parishville, Hopkinton
57 West Stockholm Road Hatch Road, West Stockholm US 11, W of Sanfordville Stockholm
58 Colton-Parishville Road NY 56, S of Colton NY 72, W of Parishville Colton, Parishville
59 Back Hannawa Road
West Hannawa Road
NY 56, Hannawa Falls Potsdam vill. line Pierrepont, Potsdam
60 Oswegatchie-Newton Falls-Benson Mines Road NY 3, N of Oswegatchie NY 3, E of Benson Mines Fine, Clifton
61 Second Street
Wanakena Road
Front Street, Wanakena NY 3, N of Wanakena Fine
62 Conifer Road Main Street & North Street, Conifer NY 3, Piercefield (2-leg jct.) Piercefield

SOURCES: St. Lawrence County official highway map (Jimapco-1996), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 09/23/MM

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