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Steuben County routes are posted routes. The numbers are assigned sequentially to the Towns, arranged alphabetically, in which each route more or less lies (usually at one of its termini). These groupings are here shown as sub-headings. Numbers above 103, as well as CR 79, do not fit into this pattern. In addition, the Towns of Erwin, Thurston and Wheeler are not accounted for in this scheme.

The relatively large number of county routes is accounted for both by the County's size and moderately high density of county-maintained highways. Most of the primary through roads belong to the County, while the Towns have responsibility for many smaller, often unpaved, roads. Most of the routes carry a single name throughout their length; however, most of these names are quite unwieldy and the routes are usually referred to by number.

In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed. In no case do any county routes wholly enter the Cities of Corning or Hornell, and very few enter any Village.

1 Addison-Burr Hollow Road Addison vill. line CR 333, W of Campbell Addison, Thurston, Campbell
2 Cranberry Lake Road CR 119, W of Addison CR 333, W of Thurston Addison, Rathbone, Thurston
3 Goodhue Lake Road CR 1 CR 2, South Thurston Addison, Rathbone, Thurston
4 Curtis Hollow Road CR 1 NY 415, Curtis Addison, Campbell
5 South Hill-Clendenning Road Addison town/vill. line CR 73, Presho Tuscarora, Lindley
6 Neils Creek Road NY 21, Haskinville NY 415, Bloomerville Fremont, Howard, Cohocton, Avoca
7 Avoca-West Creek-Prattsburgh Road Avoca vill. line NY 53 & CR 122, Prattsburgh Avoca, Wheeler, Prattsburgh
8 Avoca-Wheeler Road Avoca vill. line NY 53, N of Wheeler Avoca, Wheeler
9 Twelve Mile Creek Road NY 415, N of Wallace NY 53, Ingleside Avoca, Wheeler, Cohocton, Prattsburgh
10 Bath-Cameron Road CR 119, Cameron Bath vill. line Cameron, Bath
10A Averill Road CR 10 CR 10, North Cameron Cameron
11 Babcock Hollow Road CR 24 & CR 333, Risingville Becomes SR 960U at I-86/NY 15/NY 17 (Exit 39), E of Bath Thurston, Bath
12 Savona-Thurston Road CR 333, Thurston Savona vill. line Thurston, Bath
13 Mitchellsville Road Bath vill. line NY 53, Renchans Bath, Urbana, Wheeler
14 Campbell Creek-Bakers Gulch Road CR 119 NY 415, Kanona Canisteo, Howard, Bath
15 Knight Settlement Road CR 14 NY 415, N of Bath Bath
16 Telegraph Road NY 415, E of Bath CR 20, Bradford Bath, Urbana, Bradford
17 McNutt Run-South Bradford Road NY 415, E of Campbell NY 226, W of Bradford Campbell, Bradford
18 Sonora-South Bradford Road NY 226, Sonora CR 17, South Bradford Bradford
20 Bradford-County Line Road Old State Road, Bradford Schuyler Co. line Bradford
21 South Canisteo-Rathbone Road NY 36 & CR 31, South Canisteo CR 119, Rathbone Canisteo, Jasper, Cameron, Woodhull, Rathbone
22 Allen Road CR 21 CR 119, E of Cameron Cameron
24 Cameron Mills-Risingville Road CR 119, E of Cameron Mills CR 11 & CR 333, Risingville Rathbone, Cameron, Thurston
25 Helmer Creek Road CR 24 CR 10, North Cameron Cameron
26 Meads Creek Road Becomes SR 960M at I-86/NY 15/NY 17 (Exit 42), Coopers Plains Schuyler Co. line, Meads Creek Campbell Continues as Schuyler CR 16
27 Stephens Gulch Road CR 119, Canisteo Center CR 70A, Howard Canisteo, Howard
28 Purdy Creek-Shovel Hollow Road Allegany Co. line NY 248, S of Canisteo Greenwood, Hartsville, Canisteo Continues as Allegany CR 21
29 Canisteo-Hornell Back Road Canisteo vill. line Hornell city line Canisteo, Hornellsville
30 Swale Road CR 21, South Canisteo Brooklyn Road & Lower Swale Road Canisteo
31 Milwaukee Road NY 36, N of Jasper NY 36 & CR 21, South Canisteo Jasper, Canisteo
32 Caton-Seeley Creek Road NY 225, Caton Chemung Co. line Caton Continues as Chemung CR 78
34 Whiskey Creek Road NY 225, E of Caton NY 225, French Mill Caton, Corning
35 Kirkwood-Lent Hill Road Cohocton vill. line NY 371, S of Atlanta Cohocton
36 Atlanta-East Wayland Road NY 415 NY 371, Atlanta Wayland, Cohocton
37 Bowles Corners Road NY 21 Livingston Co. line Cohocton Continues as Livingston CR 36
38 Rowe Road NY 21, W of North Cohocton Ontario Co. line Cohocton
39 Atlanta-North Cohocton Road CR 36, Atlanta NY 21, North Cohocton Cohocton
39A Grays Corners Road CR 36, Atlanta NY 21, W of North Cohocton Cohocton
40 Spencer Hill Road CR 40A, West Caton Corning city line Caton, Lindley line, Erwin line, Corning
40A West Caton Road CR 40, West Caton NY 225, S of South Corning Caton
41 Corning-Hornby Road Erwin town line/Painted Post vill. line Schuyler Co. line Corning, CORNING line, Hornby
42 Shady Grove Road CR 41, N of Corning CR 41 Corning, Hornby
44 Mossy Glen Road
River Road
South Corning vill. line Chemung Co. line Corning Continues as Chemung CR 10
45 Narrows Creek Road Gibson Road, Gibson Chemung Co. line Corning
46 Windom Hill-South Dansville Road NY 21, W of Stephens Mills Livingston Co. line Fremont, Dansville Continues as Livingston CR 27
47 Stony Brook Glen Road CR 48 CR 46 Dansville
48 Oak Hill Road Arkport vill. line NY 36, Stony Brook Glen Hornellsville, Dansville
50 Beachville-Kiefers Corners Road CR 46, S of South Dansville NY 21 & CR 92, near Loon Lake Dansville, Wayland
52 Burns Road Allegany CR 14, Burns NY 36, E of Burns Dansville, Burns line
53 Dyer Road CR 48 CR 46 Dansville
54 Dutch Street Road NY 21, N of Stephens Mills CR 55, Jobs Corner Fremont
55 Bacon School-Haskinville Road CR 70A, W of Howard NY 21, Haskinville Howard, Fremont
56 Butchers Corners Road CR 70A Moss Road & Graves Hill Road Fremont, Howard
57 Hornell Reservoir Road CR 70A NY 21, Stephens Mills Fremont
58 Arkport-Fremont Road Arkport vill. line NY 21, S of Stephens Mills Hornellsville, Fremont
59 Brown Cheese Factory Road Allegany Co. line CR 60 West Union Continues as Allegany CR 22A
60 Christian Hollow-West Union Road NY 248 NY 248, Greenwood West Union, Greenwood
61 Ridge Road CR 60 CR 28 West Union, Greenwood, Hartsville
62 Rock Creek Road CR 61 NY 248, N of Greenwood Greenwood
63 Jackson Hill Road NY 417, E of Greenwood CR 31 Greenwood, Jasper
64 Ashbaugh Road CR 28 Hornell city line Hartsville, Hornellsville Discontinuous at NY 36, South Hornell
65 Sanitarium Road
Industrial Park Road
Hornell city line NY 36, S of Arkport Hornellsville Discontinuous at CR 66, Webbs
66 Webbs Crossing Road NY 21, N of Almond NY 21, N of North Hornell Hornellsville
67 Bishopville Road Allegany Co. line SR 961F, Arkport Hornellsville, Arkport Continues as Allegany CR 32
68 Crosby Creek Road Allegany Co. line Hornell city line Hartsville, Hornellsville Continues as Allegany CR 42
69 Buena Vista-Towlesville Road CR 14 CR 70A Howard, Avoca
70 Brasted District Road Becomes SR 962B at I-86/NY 17 (Exit 35), Howard CR 6, S of Wallace Howard, Avoca
70A Big Creek Road
Bouten Road
NY 21/NY 36, N of North Hornell NY 415, S of Avoca Hornellsville, Fremont, Howard, Avoca Old NY 70
71 Jasper-North Jasper Road NY 417, Jasper CR 21 Jasper
72 Dennis Corners Road NY 36, Hampshire CR 71, N of Jasper Jasper
73 Presho-Lindley Road CR 120, N of Lindley NY 417, Erwins Lindley, Erwin Part is old US 15
74 Prattsburgh-Pulteney Road NY 53, Prattsburgh NY 54A, E of Pulteney Prattsburgh, Pulteney
75 Glodes Corners-Browns Corners Road CR 74, Prattsburgh Yates Co. line Prattsburgh, Pulteney Continues as Yates CR 33
76 Hammondsport-South Pulteney Road
Thomas Road
Hammondsport vill. line CR 74, W of Pulteney Urbana, Pulteney
77 Elmbois Road CR 74, S of Prattsburgh CR 76 Prattsburgh, Pulteney
78 Pulteney-Browns Corners Road CR 74, Pulteney CR 75 Pulteney
79 Ritas Way NY 417, Gang Mills Cul-de-sac Erwin
80 Tracy Creek Road CR 22 CR 21, W of Rathbone Cameron, Rathbone
81 Tuscarora Creek-East Woodhull Road NY 417, East Woodhull CR 21 Woodhull, Rathbone
82 Troupsburg-Woodhull Road NY 36, Troupsburg NY 417, Woodhull Troupsburg, Woodhull
83 Log Road NY 36, Troupsburg Old State Road, E of Troupsburg Troupsburg
84 Squab Hollow-Wileyville Road CR 124 NY 36, S of Troupsburg West Union, Troupsburg
85 Freeman-Elkland Road Pennsylvania state line NY 417, N of Freeman Tuscarora Continues as PA SR 4023
86 Van Vleet-Nichols Road Pennsylvania state line CR 112, Van Vleet Tuscarora Continues as PA SR 4022
87 Hammondsport-Wayne Road NY 54, E of Hammondsport Schuyler Co. line, Wayne Urbana, Wayne Continues as SR 961L
88 Hammondsport-Pleasant Valley Road NY 54, Pleasant Valley Hammondsport vill. line Urbana
89 Mitchellsville-Pleasant Valley Road CR 13, Mitchellsville CR 88, Rheims Wheeler, Urbana
90 Patchinville-Perkinsville Road Livingston Co. line NY 21, Patchinville Wayland Continues as Livingston CR 27B
91 Perkinsville-Wayland Road CR 90, Perkinsville NY 63, W of Wayland Wayland
92 Kiefers Corners-Orchard Comfort Road NY 21 & CR 50, near Loon Lake NY 415 Wayland
93 Wayland Canning Factory Road Wayland vill. line Livingston Co. line Wayland Continues as Livingston CR 31
94 Grove Springs Road CR 87 NY 54, W of Keuka Wayne
95 Day Road CR 87 NY 54, W of Keuka Wayne
96 Birdseye Hollow Road CR 16 CR 87 Bradford, Wayne
97 Waneta Lake Road Schuyler Co. line CR 87, W of Wayne Wayne Continues as Schuyler CR 24
98 Rexville-Wileyville Road CR 84, Wileyville NY 248, Rexville West Union
99 Woodhull-Holden Brook Road Pennsylvania state line CR 82, Woodhull Woodhull Continues as PA SR 4017
100 Borden-Pulteney Hill Road CR 99 NY 417 Woodhull, Tuscarora
101 Borden-Elkland Road Pennsylvania state line CR 100, Borden Woodhull Continues as PA SR 4021
102 Woodhull-Hedgesville Road NY 417, W of Woodhull CR 21, Hedgesville Woodhull
103 Woodhull-Austinville Road Pennsylvania state line CR 82, Woodhull Troupsburg, Woodhull Continues as PA SR 4009
* * *
105 Wallace-West Creek Road NY 415, Wallace CR 7, N of Avoca Avoca
106 Church Creek-Browntown Road CR 120, N of Lindley CR 32 Lindley, Caton
108 Dixon Road CR 28 CR 61 Hartsville, Greenwood line
109 Turnpike Road Hornell city line CR 27, S of Howard Hornellsville, Howard
110 Richtmeyer Road CR 80 CR 119, Cameron Mills Rathbone
111 Brookfield Road Pennsylvania state line CR 84, Lila Troupsburg Continues as PA SR 4005
112 Van Vleet-Clendenning Road CR 85, Van Vleet CR 5 Tuscarora
113 Mount Washington-Argus Hill Road NY 54, N of Bath CR 87, E of Hammondsport Bath, Urbana
114 Birdseye-Waneta Road CR 96 Schuyler Co. line Wayne Continues as Schuyler CR 23
116 Lindley-Lawrenceville Road Pennsylvania state line, Lawrenceville CR 120, Lindley Lindley Continues as PA SR 1015
117 Rexville-Troupsburg Road NY 248, Rexville NY 36, Troupsburg West Union, Troupsburg
119 Canisteo River Road NY 36, E of Canisteo NY 417, Addison Canisteo, Cameron, Rathbone, Addison, Addison Part is old NY 432
120 Lindley-Caton Road Lindley Road, Lindley NY 225, Caton Lindley, Caton
121 Cohocton-Loon Lake Road NY 21, near Loon Lake Becomes SR 962D at I-390/NY 15 (Exit 2), W of Cohocton Wayland, Cohocton
122 Prattsburgh-Italy Hill Road NY 53 & CR 7, Prattsburgh Yates Co. line Prattsburgh Continues as Yates CR 32
123 Jasper-Boyds Corners Road CR 71, Jasper CR 21 Jasper, Cameron
124 Whitesville-Whites Corners Road Allegany Co. line Pennsylvania state line West Union Continues as Allegany CR 19A
125 Savona-Campbell Road CR 333, Campbell Bath town line/Savona vill. line Campbell
126 Troupsburg-Highup Road NY 36, N of Troupsburg NY 417, E of Greenwood Troupsburg, Greenwood
127 Camp Brook Road Pennsylvania state line CR 100, W of Borden Woodhull Continues as PA SR 4019
128 Canisteo-Canisteo Center Road Canisteo vill. line CR 119, Canisteo Center Canisteo, Canisteo line
129 Woodhull-East Woodhull Road CR 82, Woodhull NY 417, E of Woodhull Woodhull
333 Campbell-Risingville Road CR 11 & CR 24, Risingville NY 415, E of Campbell Thurston, Campbell Old NY 333

SOURCES: Steuben County official highway map (Map Works-2000), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 10/13/MM

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