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Seneca County routes are not posted with standard pentagon shields. However, many of its county highways are called simply "County Road xx" and are signed as shown above (top). For highways also having conventional names, the bottom sign shown above is used. Route numbering progresses from north to south through the county, the very highest few numbers being scattered.

Only the most important local through roads are county-maintained. Many more local roads belong to the Towns than to the County. This is partially due to the geography of Seneca County, which precludes having very many long-distance highways at all.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed.

101 Gravel Road Seneca Falls vill. line CR 105, Wayne Co. line Seneca Falls, Tyre
101A CR 101 Dead end at NYS Thruway Tyre
102 Black Brook Road Seneca Falls vill. line NY 318 Seneca Falls, Tyre
105 Armitage Road Wayne CR 372, Wayne Co. line Clintons Ditch, Wayne Co. line Tyre, Galen, Savannah line Enters Wayne Co. very briefly
Continues E as Wayne CR 373
105A Mays Point Road NY 89 NY 89 Tyre
106 Burgess Road
Birdsey Road
CR 122, Waterloo vill. line CR 107 & CR 109, E of Dublin Waterloo, Junius
107 Whiskey Hill Road NY 96 & CR 114, W of Waterloo Wayne Co. line Waterloo, Junius Continues as Wayne CR 346
108 Nine Foot Road NY 96 & CR 113 CR 109, Dublin Waterloo, Junius
109 Dublin Road Ontario Co. line, Thompson CR 106 & CR 107, E of Dublin Junius
110 Border City Road Ontario Co. line, Border City US 20/NY 5, E of Border City Waterloo
112 Packwood Road Ontario Co. line US 20/NY 5, W of Waterloo Waterloo
113 Edwards Road CR 112, W of Waterloo NY 96 & CR 108 Waterloo
114 Brewer Road US 20/NY 5, W of Waterloo NY 96 & CR 107, W of Waterloo Waterloo
116 Lake Road
East Bayard Street
NY 89, N of Canoga Seneca Falls vill. line Seneca Falls
117 East River Road
River Road
NY 96, Waterloo Seneca Falls vill. line Waterloo, Seneca Falls Also includes Water Falls Bridge
118 County House Road NY 96, S of Waterloo NY 414, S of Seneca Falls Fayette, Seneca Falls line
119 Booties Hill Road
West River Road
NY 96A NY 96, Waterloo Fayette, Waterloo
120 1) Marshall Road Ritter Road NY 96, Waterloo vill. line Fayette, Waterloo line
2) Yellow Tavern Road NY 96A CR 121 Fayette
121 Yellow Tavern Road NY 336, MacDougall NY 89, Canoga Fayette
122 North Road NY 96, Waterloo vill. line NY 414, E of Waterloo Waterloo, Waterloo line, Seneca Falls
124 NY 414 & CR 154, Fayette NY 89 Fayette
125 Kennedy Road
East Lake Road
NY 96A NY 96A Romulus, Varick, Fayette
126 Yale Station Road CR 125 NY 336, W of MacDougall Fayette, Varick lines
127 Yale Farm Road CR 125 NY 96A Varick
128 Ernsberger Road NY 414, N of Romulus NY 89, S of East Varick Varick
129 NY 96A & CR 146, E of Lodi NY 414, E of Romulus Lodi, Ovid, Romulus, Varick line
130 NY 96/NY 414, N of Ovid CR 129, Hayts Corners Romulus
131 CR 136, Lodi Station CR 132, Gilbert Lodi, Ovid
132 Gilbert Road
South Street
Dead end at Sampson State Park NY 96A/NY 414, Ovid vill. line Romulus, Ovid, Ovid line
132A NY 96A, E of Willard NY 96A, E of Willard Romulus
135 Dead end, W of Romulus NY 96, Romulus Romulus, Varick lines
135A Prospect Street NY 96, Romulus CR 148, Romulus Romulus
136 Lodi Point Road
West Seneca Street
Lodi Point Spur CR 136A, Lodi Lodi, Lodi
136A Mill Street NY 414, S of Lodi CR 136, Lodi Lodi, Lodi
136B Lodi Station Road Dead end, W of Lodi Station CR 136, Lodi Station Lodi
137 NY 414, S of Caywood NY 414, Lodi Lodi, Lodi
138 NY 96 NY 89 Ovid, Romulus lines
138A Ovid Depot Road Becomes town road, c. 0.2 mi. N of NY 96A NY 96/NY 414, N of Ovid Romulus
139 West Seneca Street
East Seneca Street
NY 96A, W of Ovid CR 153, Sheldrake Ovid, Ovid
139A CR 139 NY 96, Sheldrake Springs Ovid
141 Cayuga Street NY 96, Interlaken CR 153, S of Kidders Interlaken, Covert, Ovid
141A NY 96 CR 141 & CR 141B, E of Interlaken Covert
141B CR 141 & CR 141A, E of Interlaken NY 89, E of Interlaken Covert
142 CR 143 NY 96, S of Interlaken Covert
143 CR 146, S of Townsendville NY 96, S of Covert Lodi, Covert
144 Kings Corners Road Tompkins Co. line NY 89 Covert
144A Schier Road NY 96, Covert Becomes town road, c. 0.4 mi. N Covert
146 CR 143, S of Townsendville NY 96A & CR 129, E of Lodi Lodi
147 Kendaia Road NY 96A, Kendaia West Dead end at Finger Lakes Rwy., Kendaia Romulus
148 NY 96, Romulus NY 414, E of Romulus Romulus, Varick lines
149 Caywood Road Dead end, Caywood NY 414, Caywood Lodi
150 NY 96, N of Interlaken CR 141 Covert
153 CR 141, S of Kidders CR 139, Sheldrake Ovid
154 Five Points Road NY 414 & CR 124, Fayette CR 121, W of Canoga Fayette

SOURCES: Seneca County official highway map (The National Survey-1993), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 10/12/MM

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