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Schuyler County roads are posted routes. At certain county highway junctions, the route shield (shown above) and the road name are placed together on a green guide sign. Numbering begins in the Town of Hector, and progresses in a clockwise direction through the Towns. County roads are usually referred to as "County Road xx"; however, other names are sometimes used and are given below.

Schuyler County has a minimal network of roads under its jurisdiction, consisting only of the most important through local highways. The vast majority of the County's roadways are town roads.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed.

1 Searsburg Road NY 414, Valois Tompkins Co. line Hector Continues as Tompkins CR 149
2 NY 414, Hector CR 4, Logan Hector
3 Perry City Road NY 227 & NY 228, Perry City Tompkins Co. line Hector Continues as Tompkins CR 142
4 Logan Road NY 79, E of Burdett CR 1 Hector
5 Burdett vill. line NY 414, W of Burdett Hector
6 Cayutaville Road CR 10 NY 79 & NY 228, Mecklenburg Catharine, Hector
7 Lower Foots Hill Road Odessa vill. line CR 8, Burdett line Catharine, Montour, Hector
8 Skyline Drive Montour Falls vill. line NY 79, E of Burdett Montour, Hector, Burdett
9 CR 8, S of Burdett NY 79, S of Burdett Hector
10 North Settlement Road NY 224, E of Odessa NY 228, N of Odessa Catahrine
11 CR 14, W of Alpine NY 224, S of Alpine Catharine Also includes spur to NY 224, W of Alpine
12 Cayuta Road NY 224, Cayuta Tompkins Co. line Cayuta Continues as Tompkins CR 135
13 Jackson Hollow Road NY 224 Chemung Co. line Cayuta Continues as Chemung CR 54
14 Jackson Hill Road
Hinman Road
Montour Falls vill. line NY 13, Alpine Junction Montour, Catharine, Cayuta
15 Ridge Road Chemung Co. line Odessa vill. line Catharine Continues as Chemung CR 5
16 Meads Creek Road Steuben Co. line Montour Falls vill. line Orange, Dix Continues as Steuben CR 26
17 Old Corning Road NY 414, W of Montour Falls NY 329, Watkins Glen line Dix Old NY 414
18 Johnson Hollow Road Chemung Co. line NY 414, N of Moreland Dix Continues as Chemung CR 12
19 Beaver Dams Road Chemung Co. line, Beaver Dams CR 16, Townsend Dix
20 Hornby Road CR 19, Beaver Dams NY 414, E of Beaver Dams Dix
21 Sugar Hill Road CR 16 CR 23 Orange, Tyrone
22 CR 16, N of Monterey NY 226, S of Tyrone Orange, Tyrone
23 Hammondsport Road
Mud Lake Road
Steuben Co. line CR 28, W of Watkins Glen Tyrone, Reading Continues as Steuben CR 114
23A Church Hill Road NY 226, S of Tyrone CR 23, Tyrone Tyrone
24 West Lake Road CR 23 Steuben Co. line Tyrone Continues as Steuben CR 97
25 Lent Road CR 23, W of Weston NY 230, Wayne Tyrone
26 Old Bath Road NY 230 & SR 961L, Wayne Yates Co. line Tyrone Continues as Yates CR 17
27 Love Road CR 23, Chapman Corners NY 226, North Reading Reading
28 Lovers Lane
Irelandville Road
Watkins Glen vill. line NY 14A, Reading Center Reading
29 Reading Road NY 14A, Reading Center Yates Co. line Reading
30 Madison Avenue Watkins Glen vill. line Becomes plant road at Salt Point Reading
31 Belle P. Cornell Drive Montour Falls vill. line NY 414, N of Montour Falls Dix

SOURCES: Schuyler County official highway map (The National Survey-1990), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 10/08/MM

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