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Saratoga County routes are posted routes. Numbers increase along an irregular path, alternating direction across the County and progressing overall from north to south. Numbers above 97 are scattered. Saratoga county is notable for having the only 4-digit posted county route number in New York State (CR 1345).

The highway system of Saratoga County is quite spare: almost exclusively, the routes are long-distance through roads, some of which span almost the full breadth of the County. The majority of the roads in the County are town roads.

In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed. No county routes enter the City of Mechanicville or the inner tax boundary of the City of Saratoga Springs. Location references to the latter city are given with respect to this inner boundary.

1 Hadley-Stony Creek Road CR 4, Hadley Warren Co. line Hadley Continues as Warren CR 12
4 North Shore Road Fulton Co. line Warren Co. line, Hadley Edinburg, Day, Hadley Continues W as Fulton CR 113; E as Warren CR 44
5 Sinclair Point Road Fulton Co. line CR 4 & CR 98, Edinburg Edinburg
7 South Shore Road Fulton Co. line, Fayville CR 4 (2-leg jct.) Providence, Edinburg, Day, Hadley Continues as Fulton CR 117
8 Conklingville-Lynwood Road CR 7, Lynwood CR 4 at Conklingville Dam Hadley
9 S bridge abutment Warren Co. line Corinth Continues as Warren CR 16
10 Corinth-West Mountain Road
Mosher Road
CR 7, W of Overlook NY 9N, S of Corinth Day, Corinth, Hadley
12 Lake Desolation Road CR 21, Middle Grove Becomes town road at Lake Desolation Greenfield
13 Barkersville-Fayville Road CR 16, Barkersville CR 7, Fayville Providence
14 Crooked Street
Fish House Road
Hagedorns Mills Road
Fulton CR 107 at Fulton Co. line Fulton Co. line Galway, Providence Continues N as Fulton CR 109
16 Barkersville Road NY 29, Mosherville Bills Road Galway, Providence
19 Creek Road CR 21, Middle Grove NY 9N & CR 25, North Greenfield Greenfield
21 Middle Grove Road NY 29, E of East Galway NY 9N Galway, Providence, Greenfield, Milton
22 Crescent Avenue US 9, S of Saratoga Springs NY 9P, Saratoga Lake SARATOGA SPRINGS
23 Brook Road NY 29, W of Saratoga Springs NY 9N, W of Saratoga Springs SARATOGA SPRINGS
24 Palmer Avenue
Spier Falls Road
Corinth vill. line US 9 & CR 31, N of Fortsville Corinth, Moreau
25 Spier Falls-North Greenfield Road NY 9N & CR 19, North Greenfield CR 24 Greenfield, Corinth
27 Bluebird Road US 9, Fernwood Washington Co. line, Fenimore Moreau
28 South Glens Falls-Fort Edward Road NY 197, W of Fort Edward South Glens Falls vill. line Moreau
29 West River Road NY 32 & CR 39, Bacon Hill NY 197, W of Fort Edward Northumberland, Moreau
31 Fortsville Road CR 32, W of Gansevoort US 9 & CR 24, N of Fortsville Northumberland, Moreau
32 Wilton-Gansevoort Road CR 34, Wilton NY 32, Gansevoort Wilton, Northumberland
33 Ballard Road US 9 & CR 101, Wilton NY 50 Wilton
34 Northern Pines Road US 9, N of Saratoga Springs US 9, Wilton Wilton
36 Wilton-Greenfield Road NY 9N, Greenfield Center US 9, S of Wilton Greenfield, Wilton
39 King Road NY 50 NY 32 & CR 29, Bacon Hill Wilton, Northumberland
40 Creamery Road NY 29, Grangerville NY 32, W of Bacon Hill Saratoga, Northumberland
42 US 4/NY 32, N of Schuylerville Dead end at Lock 5 Saratoga, Northumberland Bridge to Washington CR 70 closed
43 Geyser Road CR 49, E of West Milton NY 50, S of Saratoga Springs Milton, SARATOGA SPRINGS
44 Cady Hill Boulevard CR 43, W of Saratoga Springs E of CR 46 at Grande Industrial Park SARATOGA SPRINGS
45 West Galway Road
West Street
East Street
Ballston Road
Galway Road
North Line Road
Grays Crossing Road
Fulton Co. line CR 63, E of Ballston Spa Galway, Galway, Milton, SARATOGA SPRINGS, Malta Continues a short distance W to Fulton CRs 107 & 132
46 Duplainsville Road Grande Industrial Park CR 44 SARATOGA SPRINGS
47 Rowland Street Ballston Spa vill. line NY 29, W of Saratoga Springs Milton
49 West Milton-Rock City Road CR 45, S of West Milton NY 29, Rock City Falls Milton
50 Greenfield Avenue Ballston Spa vill. line Cul-de-sac at Saratoga County Airport Milton
51 Charlton Road Schenectady Co. line near NY 147 NY 50, Ballston Center Charlton, Ballston
52 Swaggartown Road
Jockey Street
Schenectady Co. line NY 29, East Galway Charlton, Galway Continues as Schenectady CR 43
53 Lake Hill Road
Stage Road
Schenectady Co. line CR 51, Charlton Charlton Continues as Schenectady CR 24
54 Stage Road Schenectady Co. line CR 53, S of Charlton Charlton Continues as Schenectady CR 37
55 Sweetman Road CR 51, E of Charlton NY 67 Charlton
56 Scotch Bush Road
Hop City Road
Schenectady Co. line NY 67 Ballston Continues as Schenectady CR 33
57 Goode Street CR 58 & Schenectady CR 24 at Schenectady Co. line NY 67 Ballston, Glenville line
58 Lake Hill Road CR 57, Schenectady Co. line NY 50 & CR 339, Burnt Hills Ballston Continues as Schenectady CR 24
59 Middle Line Road NY 50 NY 29, North Milton Ballston, Milton
60 Brookline Road CR 59 NY 67, S of Ballston Spa Ballston
61 Rowley Road CR 63, E of Malta Ridge CR 64 Malta Also includes dead end spur of Old Post Road
63 Malta Avenue
Malta Avenue Extension
Ballston Spa vill. line Lake Road & Manning Road, Mannings Cove Milton, Malta
64 Nelson Avenue Extension
Nelson Avenue
CR 63 CR 22, S of Saratoga Springs Malta, SARATOGA SPRINGS
65 Meadowbrook Road NY 9P, E of Saratoga Springs CR 67 SARATOGA SPRINGS
66 Dyer Switch Road NY 9P, Saratoga Lake CR 65 SARATOGA SPRINGS
67 Staffords-Quaker Springs Road NY 29, E of Saratoga Springs NY 32, Quaker Springs SARATOGA SPRINGS, Saratoga
68 Staffords Bridge-Cramers Road CR 67 NY 32 Saratoga
69 Coveville Road NY 32, N of Quaker Springs US 4, Coveville Saratoga
70 Deans Corners-Wayville Road NY 423, Wayville CR 67, Deans Coreners Stillwater, Saratoga
75 Mechanicville-Stillwater Center Road Mechanicville city line NY 423 Stillwater
76 Lake Road NY 9P at Saratoga Lake Stillwater vill. line Stillwater
80 1) Schauber Road
Round Lake Road
NY 146A, Ballston Lake SR 911U at I-87 (Exit 11), W of Round Lake Clifton Park, Ballston, Malta
2) Maltaville Road US 9 & SR 911U, Round Lake NY 67, Maltaville Round Lake, Malta
82 Main Street
Long Kill Road
East Line Road
NY 146A, Elnora NY 67 Clifton Park, Ballston line, Malta line
86 Upper Newtown Road NY 146, Newtown US 4/NY 32, S of Mechanicville Halfmoon
88 Rexford Road Schenectady Co. line, Alplaus NY 146 & CR 91, Rexford Clifton Park Continues as Schenectady CR 16
90 Vischer Ferry Road CR 92, Vischer Ferry NY 146 & NY 146A, Clifton Park Center Clifton Park
91 Riverview Road
Grooms Road
NY 146 & CR 88, Rexford US 9 & CR 94, N of Crescent Clifton Park, Halfmoon
92 Crescent Road Riverview Road, Vischer Ferry SR 911P at I-87 (Exit 8), W of Grays Corners Clifton Park, Halfmoon
94 Guideboard Road US 9 & CR 91, N of Crescent CR 96 E jct., Halfmoon Halfmoon
95 Harris Road CR 94, Halfmoon NY 236, N of Halfmoon Halfmoon
96 Middletown Road CR 94 W jct., Halfmoon Waterford vill. line Halfmoon, Waterford
97 Fonda Road CR 96, E of Halfmoon Waterford vill. line Waterford
98 Batchellerville Bridge Road CR 4 & CR 5, Edinburg CR 7, Batchellerville Edinburg
99 Church Hill Road US 9, Crescent CR 94, Halfmoon Halfmoon
101 Corinth Mountain Road US 9 & CR 33, Wilton Becomes town road, c. 0.5 mi. N Wilton
104 Murray Road CR 21, Middle Grove NY 29, North Milton Greenfield, Milton
108 Plains Road US 9 & NY 67, Malta NY 9P at Saratoga Lake Malta
109 Kinns Road
Farm to Market Road
NY 146A, Elnora NY 146, W of Mechanicville Clifton Park, Halfmoon
110 Blue Barns Road
Kingsley Road
NY 146 & SR 914V, N of Rexford NY 50, Burnt Hills Clifton Park, Ballston
338 Monument Road NY 29, W of Schuylerville Burgoyne Street, Schuylerville line Saratoga, Victory line Old NY 338
339 Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Road NY 50 & CR 58, Burnt Hills NY 146A, Ballston Lake Ballston Old NY 339
1345 Pruyn Hill Road NY 146 Mechanicville city line Halfmoon Old NY 146

SOURCES: NYSDOT Saratoga County map (1993), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998/2000).

Edition 11/16/MM

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