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Putnam County routes are posted routes, using the standard pentagon shield shown above. The numbers are arranged in groups of 10 that correspond to the various Towns, from west to east, in which usually the greater portion of each route lies. These groupings are here shown as sub-headings. The Town of Carmel, because of the number of roads it contains, is also assigned a second group of ten.

Putnam County's route system is modest, but fitting for the small size of the County. County highways are all major local roads, although a great many of these, as well as lesser local roads and streets, belong to the Towns as well.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed.

10 North Highland Road NY 301, Nelsonville US 9, North Highland Nelsonville, Philipstown
11 Bill Brown Road NY 9D, N of Garrison US 9, South Highland Philipstown
12 Lower Garrison Station Road Garrison station NY 9D & NY 403, Garrison Philipstown
13 Continental Village Road Westchester Co. line CR 15, Continental Village Philipstown
14 Upper Garrison Station Road Garrison station NY 9D, Garrison Philipstown
15 Canopus Hollow Road CR 13, Continental Village Sprout Brook Road Philipstown, Putnam Valley
16 Cemetery Road NY 9D, E of Cold Spring NY 301, Nelsonville Philipstown, Nelsonville
17 River Road Cold Spring vill. line NY 9D, N of Cold Spring Philipstown
20 Oscawana Lake Road Westchester Co. line, Lake Peekskill Oscawana Heights Road & North Shore Road Putnam Valley
21 Peekskill Hollow Road CR 20, Lake Peekskill NY 301, Kent Cliffs Putnam Valley, Kent
22 Church Street CR 20 CR 21 & CR 23, Adams Corners Putnam Valley
23 Mill Street Westchester Co. line CR 21 & CR 22, Adams Corners Putnam Valley
24 Wood Street Westchester Co. line CR 30, W of West Mahopac Carmel, Putnam Valley
CARMEL (30-39)
30 Lake Secor Road Taconic State Parkway, W of West Mahopac NY 6N, W of Mahopac Falls Putnam Valley, Carmel
32 Long Pond Road NY 6N, Mahopac Falls US 6 & CR 73 Carmel
33 Lake Boulevard NY 6N, Mahopac Falls CR 72, N of Mahopac Carmel
34 Mahopac-Croton Falls Road CR 72, Mahopac Westchester Co. line Carmel Continues as Westchester CR 136
35 Carmel-Croton Falls Road Westchester Co. line US 6, S of Carmel Carmel Continues as Westchester CR 137
36 Drewville Road US 6 US 6, W of Brewster Carmel, Southeast
37 Baldwin Place Road US 6 & NY 118, Baldwin Place NY 6N, Mahopac Falls Carmel
38 West Shore Drive CR 34 CR 36 Carmel
KENT (40-49)
41 Gipsy Trail Road NY 301, W of Carmel Maynard Road Carmel, Kent
42 Farmers Mills Road NY 301 NY 52, S of Ludingtonville Kent
43 Ludingtonville Road NY 311 NY 52, Ludingtonville Patterson, Kent
44 Hill And Dale Road CR 60, E of Carmel CR 45, Lake Carmel Carmel, Kent
45 Towners Road NY 52, Lake Carmel CR 60, E of Lake Carmel Kent, Patterson
46 Terry Hill Road CR 60, E of Lake Carmel NY 311, Lake Carmel Patterson, Kent
47 CR 21, Kent Cliffs NY 301, Kent Cliffs Kent
48 Horse Pound Road NY 52, N of Carmel Nichols Road Kent
49 Noonan Drive CR 45, Lake Carmel CR 60, E of Lake Carmel Kent, Patterson
50 Old Route 22 US 6/US 202/NY 22, E of Brewster Dead end Southeast
51 Turk Hill Road CR 55 CR 56, Brewster Southeast, Brewster
53 Peaceable Hill Road US 6, Brewster Brewster vill. line Brewster, Southeast
54 Milltown Road NY 22 Connecticut state line Southeast
55 Brewster-Salem Center Road US 202/NY 22 Westchester Co. line Southeast Old NY 124
Continues as Westchester CR 310
56 Ball Lot Road US 202/NY 22, S of Brewster US 6, Brewster Southeast, Brewster
57 John Simpson Road US 6, Tilly Foster CR 60 Southeast, Carmel
58 North Brewster Road CR 53, N of Brewster NY 312, Brewster Hill Southeast
59 Crosby Avenue CR 53, N of Brewster CR 53 Southeast
60 Fair Street NY 52, Carmel NY 311 Carmel, Southeast, Patterson
61 Old Doansburg Road Dead end at Croton River CR 65, S of Putnam Lake Southeast, Patterson
62 Farm To Market Road NY 312, Brewster Hill NY 164, E of Towners Southeast, Patterson
63 Harmony Road NY 292, W of Patterson Dutchess Co. line Patterson Continues as Dutchess CR 69
64 Cornwall Hill Road NY 164, E of Towners NY 311, W of Patterson Patterson
65 Doansburg Road NY 22, N of Sears Corners CR 68 Southeast, Patterson
66 Fairfield Drive CR 65, W of Putnam Lake Connecticut state line Patterson Continues as CT 39
67 Haviland Drive CR 66, Putnam Lake Becomes town road, c. 1.5 mi. N Patterson
68 Haviland Hollow Road NY 22 Connecticut state line Patterson
CARMEL (70-79)
70 Stebbins Road CR 34 CR 38 Carmel
71 Myrtle Avenue CR 37, S of Mahopac Falls NY 6N, Mahopac Falls Carmel
72 East Lake Road Dead end at Lake Mahopac US 6, N of Mahopac Carmel
73 Old Route 6 US 6 & CR 32 Dead end Carmel

SOURCES: NYSDOT Dutchess & Putnam County map (1990), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 09/19/MM

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