[ Oswego County Route Marker ]

Oswego County routes are posted routes, using the standard pentagon shield (above, top). In Villages, the route number is given on street name signs (above, bottom). The routes are generally quite long, extending through more than one Town and often connecting several Villages and hamlets; this is especially true of the lowest-numbered highways. Several instances exist of the use of a letter suffix for spurs and alternate routes.

Only long-distance through roads, for the most part, are contained in Oswego County's highway system. All other local roads are part of the Town systems.

Road names, where available, have been compiled below, although many are no longer in common use. In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed. In no case does any county route wholly enter the City of Oswego.

1 North Road Oswego city line NY 104B & CR 43 Scriba, New Haven
1A Lake Road CR 1, Walker Lake View Road, S of Lake View Scriba
2 Maple Avenue
Richland Road
Richland-Orwell Road
US 11, Pulaski CR 17, N of Redfield Pulaski, Richland, Orwell, Redfield
2A NY 13, E of Pulaski CR 2 at I-81 (Exit 36), Pulaski Richland, Pulaski
3 Hannibal Street Dead end at Hannibal vill. line Fulton city line Hannibal, Granby, FULTON line Old NY 3
4 Hall Road Oswego city line US 11, N of Central Square Scriba, Volney, Palermo, Hastings
5 Lake Street Dead end, Selkirk US 11, Pulaski Richland, Pulaski
6 North Volney Road NY 264, N of Phoenix CR 1 Schroeppel, Volney, New Haven
6A CR 6 CR 1 New Haven
6B Dead end CR 6 Schroeppel
7 Johnson Road CR 36, South Hannibal NY 104, Oswego city line Hannibal, Oswego, OSWEGO line
8 Minetto-Lysander Road Onondaga Co. line NY 48, Minetto Granby, Minetto Continues as Onondaga CR 33
9 Emery Road Fulton city line CR 6, S of Volney Volney
10 Onondaga Co. line NY 49 Schroeppel Continues as Onondaga CR 46
11 Webb Road NY 49, West Monroe NY 69, E of Parish West Monroe, Parish
12 Lock Street
Phoenix-Caughdenoy Road
Caughdenoy Street
Mallory Street
Baum Road
State Street, Phoenix CR 32, Mallory Phoenix, Schroeppel, Hastings, Central Square
13 Center Road CR 15 CR 17 Boylston
14 Ley Creek Road Onondaga Co. line NY 176, S of Fulton Granby Continues as Onondaga CR 180
15 Lake Street
Harwood Drive
Smartville Road
Ouderkirk Road, Sandy Pond CR 17 Sandy Creek, Sandy Creek, Lacona, Boylston, Redfield
16 Academy Street NY 3 & NY 104, Mexico NY 104B, Texas Mexico, Mexico
17 NY 49, E of Bernhards Bay Jefferson Co. line Constantia, Amboy, Williamstown, Redfield, Boylston Continues as Jefferson CR 92
17A Leeman Road NY 69, Amboy Center CR 17 Amboy
18 CR 45, East Palermo CR 4 Palermo, Hastings
19 NY 13, Williamstown Oneida Co. line Wlliamstown
20 California Road
Maple Avenue
Cayuga Co. line CR 25 Oswego Continues as Cayuga CR 96
21 Auburn Street Cayuga Co. line NY 3, Hannibal Hannibal, Hannibal Continues as Cayuga CR 37A
22 Cheese Factory Road
Mexico Street
Lacona-Orwell Road
Ridge Road
NY 69, Parish Center Jefferson Co. line Parish, Albion, Altmar, Orwell, Sandy Creek, Lacona Continues as Jefferson CR 122
22A Salisbury Street
Ellisburg Street
CR 22, Lacona Jefferson Co. line Lacona, Sandy Creek, Sandy Creek Continues as Jefferson CR 87
23 NY 49, Constantia NY 69 & NY 183, Amboy Center Constantia, Amboy
23A CR 26 CR 23, Gayville West Monroe, Constantia
23B CR 26 CR 23, North Constantia West Monroe, Constantia
24 Worden Road CR 25 NY 48, Minetto Minetto
25 West Fifth Street Furniss Road Oswego city line Minetto, Oswego lines
26 CR 11 NY 69 at I-81 (Exit 33), Parish vill. line West Monroe, Parish, Amboy
27 Oneida Co. line CR 17, S of Redfield Redfield Continues as Oneida CR 70
28 Petrie Road
Tinker Tavern Road
NY 3 CR 22, Albion Center Richland, Albion
29 CR 4, South Scriba Lake Road Scriba
30 NY 13, W of Williamstown CR 22 Williamstown, Orwell
30A NY 13 CR 30 Williamstown
31 Myers Road CR 24, W of Minetto Minetto
32 US 11 CR 37, Mallory Hastings
33 Town Line Road Onondaga Co. line, Caughdenoy CR 18 Hastings, Schroeppel line, Palermo Continues as Onondaga CR 50
34 Cayuga Street NY 34 & NY 104, S of Hannibal NY 3, Hannibal Hannibal, Hannibal Old NY 34
35 Vermilion-New Haven Road NY 3, Palermo CR 64 Palermo, New Haven
35A CR 35, N of Palermo NY 3, N of Palermo Palermo
36 NY 176, South Hannibal CR 21, Hannibal Center Hannibal
37 Mud Settlement Road
Helinger Road
CR 12, Caughdenoy CR 84, Little France Hastings, West Monroe
38 Rider Street
North Railroad Street
US 11 & CR 45, Hastings NY 104 Hastings, Parish, Parish
39 CR 27 Lewis Co. line Redfield Continues as Lewis CR 44
40 NY 104B, E of Texas Becomes town road at Mexico Point Mexico
41 North Street
Pulaski Road
NY 104, Mexico US 11, S of Pulaski Mexico, Mexico, Richland
41A CR 41 US 11 Richland
42 Snell Road CR 25 NY 48, N of Minetto Minetto
43 Tollgate Road NY 104 NY 104B & CR 1 New Haven
44 Pleasant Point Drive CR 1 Becomes town road at Pleasant Point New Haven
45 Suckerville Road
Mount Pleasant-Palermo Road
CR 57, Seneca Hill US 11 & CR 38, Hastings Volney, Palermo, Hastings
46 NY 48, W of Hinmansville CR 57, N of Hinmansville Granby, Schroeppel
47 CR 17, Redfield Lewis Co. line
48 North Ridge Road CR 22 CR 22 & CR 15, Lacona Albion, Richland, Sandy Creek, Lacona
50 Vorea Road CR 2, E of Orwell CR 13, Boylston Center Orwell, Boylston
51 CR 6 NY 104 New Haven
51A NY 104, E of Scriba CR 51, South New Haven Scriba, New Haven
52 Bridge Street
Potter Road
CR 22, Altmar CR 2, W of Orwell Altmar, Albion, Orwell
53 Kingdom Road
Broadway Road
CR 45, E of Seneca Hill NY 104, W of Scriba Volney, Scriba
54 NY 264 CR 18, Peat Corners Schroeppel, Palermo
55 Jacksonville Road Onondaga Co. line NY 176, S of Fulton Granby Continues as Onondaga CR 127
56 CR 17, Carterville Oneida Co. line Amboy Continues as Oneida CR 71
57 1) Main Street Onondaga Co. line Fulton city line Schroeppel, Phoenix, Volney Old NY 57
Continues as Onondaga CR 57/CR 91
2) NY 481, Fulton Oswego city line FULTON, Scriba
57A Dunham Road
Huntley Road
CR 57, S of Phoenix CR 12, E of Phoenix Schroeppel
58 Standpipe Road NY 104, Mexico US 11, Colosse Mexico, Mexico
58A CR 58 NY 104 Mexico
59 NY 264, N of Phoenix CR 59A Schroeppel
59A Dead end CR 59, N of Phoenix Schroeppel
60 South Jefferson Street NY 13, Pulaski US 11, Pulaski Pulaski
62 North Street Park Street & Broad Street, Pulaski CR 15, W of Sandy Creek Pulaski, Richland, Sandy Creek
63 Kocher Road NY 104, E of Oswego CR 1, E of Oswego Scriba, OSWEGO line
64 Country Home Road CR 6 NY 104, Mexico New Haven, Mexico, Mexico
65 CR 23 CR 17, S of Panther Lake Constantia
84 CR 11, N of West Monroe CR 38 West Monroe, Hastings
84A CR 84, Carleys Mills CR 38, S of Parish Hastings Discontinuous at I-81
85 Cunningham Road NY 104, N of Hannibal NY 48, N of Fulton Hannibal, Granby
89 Washington Boulevard NY 104, Fruit Valley Iroquois Trail & Rudolph Road at SUNY Oswego
176 Whitaker Road Fulton city line CR 4 Volney, Scriba Old NY 176

SOURCES: Oswego County official highway map (Atlantic Publishing-1998), NYSDOT Oswego County map (1994), MapWorks Syracuse Atlas (1996), DeLorme New York State Atlas (1993), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 09/18/MM