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Ontario County routes are not posted with the standard pentagon shields. However, the official name of each highway is simply "County Road xx". Alternate or former road names have in many cases been dropped from the common parlance. Those names still in occasional usage are listed in the "Notes" column.

Ontario County maintains but a small percentage of its highways, with most roads being assinged to the Towns. County highways are in most cases long-distance arterial roads.

No county roads enter any City or Village in Ontario County. Italicized routes are obsolete designations.

1 Rushville vill. line NY 364, N of Cottage City Gorham
2 US 20A, S of Bristol US 20A/NY 64, E of Bristol Bristol
3 Bloomfield vill. line Victor vill. line East Bloomfield, Victor Victor-Holcomb Road
Now part of NY 444
4 Canandaigua city line CR 6, Geneva city line Canandaigua, Hopewell, Phelps line, Seneca, Geneva Castle Road
5 NY 14A, Hall US 20 Seneca Post Road
6 Yates Co. line Wayne Co. line Geneva, GENEVA line, Phelps Pre-Emption Road
Continues N as Wayne CR 338, S as Yates CR 15
7 CR 13, E of Shortsville NY 31, Port Gibson Manchester Slack Road
8 NY 332, N of Canandaigua Wayne Co. line Canandaigua, Farmington Padelford Road
Continues as Wayne CR 308
9 Victor vill. line Monroe Co. line Victor Church Street, Victor-Egypt Road
Continues as Monroe CR 52
10 US 20/NY 5, E of Canandaigua CR 4, E of Canandaigua Canandaigua, Hopewell lines Townline Road
11 Yates Co. line NY 364, S of Cottage City Gorham East Lake Road
Continues as Yates CR 39
12 NY 21, N of Naples NY 64, Bristol Springs Naples, South Bristol Bristol Springs Road, Naples Road
13 Shortsville vill. line NY 96, E of Clifton Springs Manchester, Phelps Excludes portion within Clifton Springs
14 NY 65, E of North Bloomfield NY 64, Ionia West Bloomfield
15 Livingston Co. line CR 40, S of Allens Hill Richmond Continues as Livingston CR 41
16 NY 21 Canandaigua city line Canandaigua West Lake Road
17 CR 18 US 20/NY 5, W of Aloquin Gorham, Hopewell
18 Becomes SR 941E, 1.14 mi. N of NY 245 NY 364, S of Canandaigua Gorham, Hopewell, Canandaigua Lincoln Hill Road
19 NY 21, S of Shortsville CR 13, E of Shortsville Hopewell, Manchester
20 US 20/NY 5, Flint CR 23, Orleans Seneca, Phelps
21 NY 53, S of Naples Yates Co. line Naples Continues as Yates CR 18
22 CR 4, E of Canandaigua NY 21, E of Canandaigua Canandaigua Hanna Road
23 NY 488, Orleans CR 6, Oaks Corners Phelps
24 Yates Co. line CR 29 & SR 941F, Gorham Gorham Dickerman Road
Continues as Yates CR 27
25 Clifton Springs vill. line Becomes SR 941C, 0.33 mi. W of NY 88 Manchester, Phelps
26 NY 88, N of Phelps Wayne Co. line Phelps Vienna Road
Continues as Wayne CR 334
27 CR 25, N of Clifton Springs Wayne Co. line Manchester Plainsville Road
Continues as Wayne CR 318
28 NY 332, Canandaigua city line Wayne Co. line Canandaigua, Farmington Macedon Road
Continues as Wayne CR 312
29 Yates Co. line CR 24 & SR 941F, Gorham Seneca, Gorham Hershey Road
Continues as Yates CR 2
30 Bloomfield vill. line Canandaigua city line East Bloomfield, Canandaigua North Bloomfield Road
31 NY 21, E of Canandaigua VA Hospital Canandaigua Bushwood Lane
32 US 20A Becomes SR 941D, 0.94 mi. W of NY 21 Bristol, Canandaigua
33 Naples vill. line US 20A, E of Honeoye Naples, South Bristol, Bristol, Richmond West Hollow Road
34 CR 33 NY 64, South Bristol South Bristol
35 NY 65, N of West Bloomfield Monroe Co. line West Bloomfield West Bloomfield-Pittsford Road
Continues as Monroe CR 66
36 Naples vill. line US 20A, Honeoye Naples, Canadice, Richmond Hunts Hollow Road
Enters Livingston Co. briefly as CR 36A
37 Livingston Co. line US 20/NY 5 & NY 65, West Bloomfield Canadice, Richmond, West Bloomfield South Road
Continues as Livingston CR 42
39 Bloomfield vill. line NY 64, S of Ionia East Bloomfield
40 CR 15, S of Allens Hill Bloomfield vill. line Richmond, West Bloomfield, East Bloomfield
41 Monroe Co. line CR 8 Victor, Farmington Boughton Hill Road
Continues as Monroe CR 53
42 NY 251, S of Fishers NY 96, E of Fishers Victor Wangum Road, Main Street Fishers
43 NY 488 CR 13, E of Clifton Springs Phelps
44 NY 96 Monroe Co. line Victor Turk Hill Road
46 Canandaigua city line CR 47, S of Hopewell Center Canandaigua, Hopewell
47 US 20/NY 5 NY 488, N of Hopewell Center Hopewell
48 CR 46 Dead end at county offices Hopewell
49 Dead end at county landfill US 20/NY 5, E of Flint Seneca Post Lane

SOURCES: Ontario County official highway map (OCHD-1997), NYSDOT Ontario County quadrangle maps (1997-1999), Map Works Ontario County map (1994), Mark Sinsabaugh's listing, NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 03/30/MM

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