[ Oneida County Route Marker ]

Oneida County does not post its county routes with standard pentagon shields. However, the number is often given on intersection signs, as shown above. Even numbers are generally north-south, and odd numbers are east-west, although this rule is not strictly followed. Numbering progresses from south to north, and from east to west, across the County. Letter suffixes are used for routes that fall between numbers in the pattern, and are often short routes associated with the unsuffixed number. The highest numbers are used for newer routes and are more or less scattered.

Oneida County routes are densely distributed in the southwestern part of the County, and more moderately so elsewhere. They are usually long routes, comprising several sections of named roads to form a continuous (although often interrupted) path.

In the "Towns" column, CITIES are also listed; no county roads enter any Village, the Cities of Utica and Sherrill, nor the inner tax boundary of the City of Rome. Location references to the last are given with respect to this inner boundary.

1 Babcock Hill Road NY 8, N of North Bridgewater Herkimer Co. line Bridgewater Continues as Herkimer CR 91
2 East Street
Stone Road
Holman City Road
Otsego Co. line CR 20, N of Clayville Bridgewater, Paris Continues as Otsego CR 18
2A Stone Road Herkimer Co. line CR 2 Bridgewater Continues as Herkimer CR 141
3 Sanger Hill Road Oriskany Falls vill. line Waterville vill. line Marshall, Sangerfield
4 Mapledale Road NY 8, N of Bridgewater NY 8, S of North Bridgewater Bridgewater
5 Cedar Lake Road CR 2, E of Clayville Herkimer Co. line Paris Continues as Herkimer CR 175
5A Donley Road US 20 CR 4, N of Bridgewater Bridgewater
6 Mason Road Madison Co. line US 20, W of Sangerfield Sangerfield Continues as Madison CR 78
6A Beaver Creek Road Madison Co. line US 20, E of Sangerfield Sangerfield Continues as Madison CR 99
7 Summit Road Marshall town line NY 8, Cassville (2-leg jct.) Marshall, Paris
8 Pleasant Valley Road
Saw Mill Road
CR 6 CR 3, W of Waterville Sangerfield
8A Brothertown Road CR 3, W of Waterville NY 315, S of Deansboro Sangerfield, Marshall
9 Burnham Road
Shanley Road
Paris Hill Road
Pinnacle Road
NY 12B, S of Deansboro Herkimer Co. line Marshall, Paris Continues as Herkimer CR 59
10 Augusta-Solsville Road Madison Co. line NY 26, Augusta Augusta Continues as Madison CR 41
10A Wells-Gifford Road NY 26, N of Augusta Skinner Road Augusta, Vernon
11 Knoxboro Road
West Hill Road
Madison Co. line NY 12B & NY 315, Deansboro Augusta, Marshall Continues as Madison CR 40
12 1) North Road NY 26, Augusta Rottamore Road & Simmons Road Augusta
2) Marble Road Simmons Road Sherrill city line Vernon
12A Burns Road CR 12, N of Knoxboro CR 12 Augusta, Vernon
13 1) Youngs Road NY 5, W of Vernon NY 31, S of Vernon Vernon
2) College Hill Road NY 26, Vernon Center Becomes SR 922C, W of Clinton Vernon, Westmoreland, Kirkland
3) Kellogg Street
Red Hill Road
Clinton vill. line Oneida Street, Willowvale Kirkland, New Hartford
4) Roberts Road Oneida Street, Washington Mills Herkimer Co. line New Hartford, Paris Continues as Herkimer CR 16
14 Hanover Road Waterville vill. line CR 9, N of Hanover Marshall
15 Brimfield Street
Tibbitts Road
NY 12B, Clinton line CR 26, Washington Mills Kirkland, New Hartford
15A Norton Avenue NY 5, Lairdsville NY 233, N of Clinton Westmoreland, Kirkland
16 Post Street CR 9 NY 12B, Franklin Springs Marshall, Kirkland
17 Fountain Street Clinton vill. line NY 12, W of Paris Kirkland, Marshall
18 Brennan Road
Miller Road
Davis Road
Doolittle Road
CR 7, Paris Station CR 9, Paris Paris
18A Davis Road CR 7, E of Paris Station CR 18, N of Paris Station Paris
19 South Street
Clark Mills Road
CR 46 Halsey Road, W of New York Mills Westmoreland, Kirkland, Whitestown
20 Church Road
Mohawk Street
Clayville vill. line CR 24A, S of Utica Paris, New Hartford
21 Clinton Street CR 30, W of New York Mills New York Mills vill. line New Hartford
22 Pleasant Street
Tilden Avenue
Herkimer Co. line Utica city line New Hartford Continues as Herkimer CR 59
23 Cooper Street
Cider Street
Vernon vill. line Oriskany vill. line Vernon, Westmoreland, Whitestown
24 Chapman Road
Valley View Road
CR 26, Washington Mills Utica city line New Hartford
24A Higby Road Herkimer Co. line Utica city line New Hartford Continues as Herkimer CR 186
25 1) Peterboro Street Madison Co. line Vernon vill. line Vernon Continues as Madison CR 34
2) Kenwood Road CR 25 (1), S of Sherrill Madison Co. line Continues as Madison CR 51
3) West Hamilton Avenue Sherrill city line NY 5, N of Sherrill
26 1) Kellogg Road
Oxford Road
CR 24, Washington Mills New Hartford vill. line New Hartford
2) Campion Road NY 8 at NY 5/NY 12, N of New Hartford New York Mills vill. line
26A Oxford Road Oneida Street, Willowvale CR 26, S of New Hartford New Hartford
27 Westmoreland Street CR 32 & CR 40, Colemans Mills Whitesboro vill. line Whitestown
29 Cosby Manor Road CR 92, N of Utica Herkimer Co. line Deerfield Continues as Herkimer CR 26
30 1) Middle Settlement Road
Clinton Street
NY 5, NY 5A & NY 5B, W of New Hartford Whitesboro vill. line New Hartford, Whitestown
2) Cavanaugh Road
Morgan Road
Salem Church Road
NY 49 & SR 922A, N of Whitesboro CR 91 Marcy
31 Miller Road CR 91 CR 92 Deerfield
32 1) Kirkland Avenue
Clinton Street
Westmoreland Road
Clinton vill. line CR 27 & CR 40, Colemans Mills Kirkland, Whitestown
2) Valley Road CR 40, Colemans Mills Oriskany vill. line Whitestown
3) River Street
Benton Road
NY 49 & SR 922E, N of Oriskany NY 291, S of Stittville Whitestown, Marcy
34 Edic Road NY 49, W of Utica CR 36 Marcy
35 Powell Road Holland Patent vill. line CR 91, South Trenton Trenton
36 1) Glass Factory Road CR 91 at NY 8/NY 12, N of Utica CR 35, E of Holland Patent Deerfield, Marcy, Trenton
2) Burton Manor CR 36 (1) CR 91 Marcy
37 Maple Dale Road
North Gage Road
NY 365, W of Barneveld Herkimer Co. line Trenton, Deerfield Continues as Herkimer CR 65
37A Coombs Road CR 38, S of Holland Patent CR 91, S of South Trenton Marcy, Trenton
38 1) Fox Road NY 291, Marcy Holland Patent vill. line Marcy, Trenton
2) Thompson Road Holland Patent vill. line CR 56, Steuben Valley Trenton, Floyd, Steuben
39 Main Street
Railroad Street
NY 365, W of Stittville Fish Lane Road, Stittville Floyd, Marcy
40 Judd Road Extension
Judd Road
Colemans Mills Road
Halsey Road, E of Walesville NY 233 & CR 42, S of Stanwix Whitestown, ROME
40A Monument Road CR 40 NY 69 Whitestown, ROME
41 Dix Road NY 26, Spencer Settlement NY 233 Westmoreland
42 Bartlett Road Lowell Road, W of Westmoreland NY 233 & CR 40, S of Stanwix Westmoreland, ROME
42A Eureka Road CR 42, Bartlett NY 26, Spencer Settlement Westmoreland
43 Town Line Road
Skinner Road
NY 31, N of Vernon NY 26, S of Lowell Verona line, Vernon line, Westmoreland
43A Beacon Light Road CR 48A, N of Sherrill NY 31, S of Verona Verona
44 Lawrence Street CR 41, Dix NY 26/NY 365, S of Rome Westmoreland, ROME
45 Hill Road
Sconondoa Road
Dead end at Madison Co. line NY 365, Sconondoa Verona
46 Skyline Drive
Deans Highway
Oriskany Falls vill. line CR 23 Augusta, Marshall line, Kirkland, Westmoreland
47 North Madison Street
Pennystreet Road
Butternut Road
Gulf Road
Cemetery Road
Watson Hollow Road
East Floyd Road
Crill Road
Korber Road
Rome inner tax line NY 365, W of Barneveld ROME, Floyd, Trenton Also includes North Madison Street spur to Bell Road
48 Randel Road
Center Street
CR 45, W of Sconondoa NY 46, Durhamville Verona
48A Williams Street
Patrick Road
Sherrill city line NY 365, S of Verona Vernon, Verona
49 Toad Hollow Road CR 37 NY 28 Trenton
50 Greenway-New London Road
Verona Mills Road
Main Street Road
CR 83 Old NY 49, New London ROME, Verona
50A Higginsville Road
Vienna Road
NY 46, Higginsville NY 13 & NY 49, Vienna Verona, Vienna
51 Park Avenue Prospect vill. line Herkimer Co. line Trenton Continues as Herkimer CR 113
52 Lowell Road
Blackmans Corners Road
Senn Road
Doxtator Road
Skinner Road, W of Westmoreland CR 50A, N of Higginsville Westmoreland, Verona
53 1) Lee Center-Taberg Road
Lee Center-Stokes Road
Westernville Road
NY 69, S of Taberg Main Street, Westernville Annsville, Lee, Western
2) Gifford Hill Road
South Hill Road
Floyd-Steuben Road
Main Street, Westernville NY 274 & CR 74, Steuben Corners Western, Steuben
3) Fuller Road NY 274 NY 12/NY 28 & SR 920V, Remsen vill. line Steuben, Trenton
4) Francis Road SR 920V, E of Remsen CR 72A, E of Remsen Remsen
54 Jug Point Road
Oneida Street
NY 46, N of State Bridge NY 13, Verona Beach Verona
54A Vienna Road
Haskin Road
CR 80, Sylvan Beach line Old State Route 49, E of Vienna Vienna
55 Fairchild Road NY 12/NY 28, W of Remsen NY 365 at Hinckley Reservoir Steuben, Remsen
56 Steuben Valley Road Barneveld vill. line NY 274, W of Steuben Valley Trenton, Steuben
57 Starr Hill Road CR 74 CR 53, W of Remsen Steuben
58 Koenig Road
Floyd-Camroden Road
CR 88 CR 53, E of Westernville Floyd, Western
59 Dayton Road NY 12/NY 28, East Steuben CR 72, Bardwells Mill Remsen
60 Elmer Hill Road
Hawkins Corners Road
NY 46 at Rome inner tax line CR 53, Lee Center ROME, Western, Lee
60A 1) Stoney Creek Road CR 50, Verona Mills Rome city line Verona
2) Sleepy Hollow Road CR 62, Lorena NY 26, Hawkins Corners Lee, ROME line
61 Hawkinsville Road
Bear Creek Road
Boonville vill. line Adirondack Railway, Woodgate Station Boonville, Forestport
62 West Thomas Street
Thomas Road
Lee Valley Road
Rome inner tax line NY 69, Lee ROME, Lee
63 Round Lake Road Buck Lake Road, near Round Lake NY 28, N of Woodgate Forestport
64 1) Thomas Road CR 62, S of Lee Center CR 53, Lee Center Lee
2) Marsh Road CR 62 CR 64 (1), S of Lee Center
65 West Leyden Road Lewis Co. line Boonville vill. line Boonville Continues as Lewis CR 54
66 Herder Road
Blossvale Road
Old NY 49 Main Street, Taberg Vienna, Annsville
67 Point Rock Road
West Ava Road
East Ava Road
CR 53, W of Lee Center NY 294, W of Boonville Lee, Ava
67A Empeyville Road
Sheehan Road
CR 70 & Old Route 285, Thomson Corners CR 67, N of Point Rock Florence, Annsville, Ava
68 1) Mill Road
Stone Barn Road
Preston Hill Road
NY 49, Jewell Camden vill. line Vienna, Camden
2) River Road
Osceola Road
Camden vill. line Lewis Co. line Camden, Florence Continues as Lewis CR 46
68A Mulholland Road NY 49, North Bay CR 68, Loomis Corners Vienna
69 McConnellsville Road NY 13, McConnellsville CR 66, Blossvale Vienna, Annsville
70 Wolcott Hill Road
Thomson Corners-Florence Road
Redfield Road
Camden vill. line Oswego Co. line Camden, Florence Continues as Oswego CR 27
70A Steam Mill Road CR 71, Hillsboro NY 69, W of Camden Camden
70B Penny Mix Road NY 69, W of Camden NY 13, W of Camden Camden
71 Hillsboro Road Oswego Co. line NY 13, S of Camden Camden Continues as Oswego CR 56
72 Commons Road
Bardwell Mills Road
CR 82, N of Remsen White Lake Road, Forestport Remsen, Forestport
72A James Road
Bardwell Mills Road
SR 920V, N of Prospect CR 72, Bardwells Mill Trenton, Remsen
73 North Lake Road CR 72, Forestport Station Herkimer Co. line Forestport Continues as Herkimer CR 214
74 1) Soule Road
Floyd-Steuben Road
NY 365, Floyd CR 53 Floyd, Steuben
2) North Steuben Road
Potato Hill Road
NY 274 & CR 53, Steuben Corners NY 12, E of Boonville Steuben, Boonville
74A East Road Boonville vill. line Lewis Co. line Boonville Continues as Lewis CR 43
75 Buck Hill Road
Egypt Road
NY 46, N of North Western NY 12 & NY 28, Alder Creek Western, Steuben, Boonville
76 Hillside Road
Webster Hill Road
NY 46, Hillside CR 67 Western, Ava
77 Campus Road CR 13, W of Clinton CR 15A, S of Lairdsville Kirkland, Westmoreland
78 Sulphur Springs Road CR 18, N of Paris Station Oneida Street, Sauquoit Paris
79 Airport Road Oneida County Airport terminal loop NY 69, W of Oriskany Whitestown Includes all airport roads
80 McClanathan Avenue NY 13, Sylvan Beach line CR 54A, Sylvan Beach line Vienna
82 Old Route 12 NY 12/NY 28, S of Remsen NY 12/NY 28 Trenton, Remsen Old NY 12/NY 28
Excludes portion within village of Remsen
83 Main Street
Oneida Road
NY 31, Verona NY 26, S of Rome Verona, Westmoreland, ROME Old NY 365
84 Florence Hill Road
Hayes Road
Camden vill. line CR 70, N of Florence Camden, Florence
86 Poppleton Road NY 13, Verona Beach CR 54, N of State Bridge Verona
87 Mallory Road CR 91 Trenton town line Marcy
88 River Road NY 291, S of Marcy NY 365, E of Rome Marcy, Floyd, ROME Old NY 49
88A SR 922E, N of Oriskany CR 88 Marcy
89 Main Street Madison Co. line NY 46, Durhamville Verona
90 Sutliff Road CR 40 NY 233, S of Stanwix Whitestown
91 Trenton Road Utica city line CR 35, South Trenton Deerfield, Marcy, Trenton Old NY 12
92 Walker Road Utica city line NY 8 Deerfield Old NY 8
93 Rabbitt Road
Old Floyd Road
CR 47, E of Rome NY 365, Floyd ROME, Floyd
94 Churton Road NY 31, Vernon Center NY 5, E of Vernon Vernon Old NY 234
95? Old Route 285 NY 69, W of Taberg CR 67A & CR 70, Thomson Corners Annsville, Camden, Florence Old NY 285
--- Stone Road
Halsey Road
Clark Mills Road
Henderson Street
CR 23, Westmoreland New York Mills vill. line Westmoreland, Whitestown
--- Lowell Road CR 52, W of Westmoreland CR 23, Westmoreland Westmoreland
--- River Road NY 49, N of Oriskany Utica city line Marcy Old NY 49

SOURCES: Oneida County official highway map (The National Survey-1988), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998/2000).

Edition 11/16/MM

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