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Madison County routes are marked with the pentagon shield, shown above. Even numbers are east-west and odd numbers are north-south, and route numbers progress from northwest to southeast. The highest numbers, above 99, are newer designations and are scattered. Route numbers follow a continuous path along several named roads and are often quite long, connecting important points in two or more Towns.

Madison County has an average density of county highways among rural counties statewide. This means that county roads are the primary local through routes, with other local roads primarily the responsibility of each Town.

In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed; no county roads enter the inner tax boundary of the City of Oneida. Location references to this city are given with respect to this inner boundary.

1 Bridgeport-Kirkville Road
North Road
Onondaga Co. line Barrett Lane Sullivan Continues as Onondaga CR 53
2 Peck Road Onondaga Co. line CR 1 & CR 4 Sullivan Continues as Onondaga CR 115
3 Lakeport Road NY 5/NY 13, Chittenango NY 31, Lakeport Chittenango, Sullivan
4 Chestnut Ridge Road CR 1 & CR 2 CR 3 Sullivan
5 North Main Street
North Main Street Road
CR 6, Canastota NY 31, Messengers Bay Canastota, Lenox
6 Fyler Road
New Boston Road
Onondaga Co. line NY 13, Canastota Sullivan, Lenox, Canastota Includes old alignment loop, W of Canastota
Continues as Onondaga CR 115
7 Lewis Point Road NY 13, N of Canastota NY 31, W of South Bay Lenox
8 Whitelaw Road CR 5, Whitelaw CR 7 Lenox
9 Pompey Hollow Road Onondaga Co. line Onondaga Co. line Cazenovia, Pompey lines Also Onondaga CR 146
10 Pine Ridge Road
North Court Street
CR 5, N of Canastota NY 5 & CR 54, Wampsville Lenox, Wampsville
11 Oneida Valley Road NY 13 NY 316, S of Oneida Valley Lenox
12 Roberts Street NY 13, Canastota CR 10, E of Canastota Canastota, Lenox
13 Cobb Street
North Schoolheimer Road
Oneida inner tax line NY 316, N of Oneida ONEIDA, Lenox Includes 2 dead-end spurs to NYS Thruway
14 Elm Street CR 10, Wampsville Oneida inner tax line Wampsville, ONEIDA
15 West Lake Road
North Lake Drive
NY 92 CR 17 near Cazenovia Lake Cazenovia
16 Cottons Road CR 23 CR 25 & CR 92, Clockville Sullivan, Lincoln
17 Forman Street
East Lake Road
US 20/NY 13, Cazenovia NY 173, W of Chittenango Cazenovia, Cazenovia, Sullivan
18 Fairview Avenue CR 29, Lenox Furnace NY 46 at Oneida inner tax line Lincoln, ONEIDA
19 Carrys Hill Road
Falls Road
NY 13, Chittenango Falls CR 21, W of Perryville Cazenovia, Fenner, Sullivan line
20 Ingalls Corners Road CR 23, N of Perryville CR 25, S of Clockville Lincoln
21 Perryville Road
Madison Street
CR 23, Perryville NY 13, Chittenango Sullivan, Fenner line, Chittenango
22 Dwyer Road CR 19, W of Perryville CR 21 Sullivan
23 Nelson Road
Quarry Road
CR 67, Nelson town line NY 5/NY 13, E of Sullivan Nelson, Fenner, Lincoln line, Sullivan
24 Peth Road Onondaga Co. line CR 17 Cazenovia
25 Pleasant Valley Road
Oxbow Road
US 20 NY 5 & NY 13, Canstota line Nelson, Smithfield, Fenner, Lincoln, Lenox
26 Bingley Road NY 13, N of Cazenovia CR 23, Fenner Cazenovia, Fenner
27 Timmerman Road CR 92, Clockville CR 54, Lenox Furnace Lincoln
28 Fenner Street
Cody Road
US 20, Cazenovia CR 25, S of Peterboro Cazenovia, Cazenovia, Fenner, Smithfield
29 Creek Road CR 32, Siloam CR 54, S of Wampsville Smithfield, Lincoln
30 Williams Road CR 32, E of Peterboro CR 35, Munnsville Smithfield, Stockbridge, Munnsville
31 Peterboro Road CR 32, Siloam CR 34 Smithfield, Stockbridge
32 Peterboro Road
Stockbridge Falls Road
CR 25, Peterboro CR 49, S of Munnsville Smithfield, Stockbridge
33 Middle Road NY 46 & CR 38, Stockbridge Oneida Co. line, Oneida Castle Stockbridge, ONEIDA
34 Burleson Road
Peterboro Road
CR 29, S of Lenox Furnace Oneida Co. line Lincoln, Stockbridge, ONEIDA Continues as Oneida CR 25
35 Valley Mills Road NY 46, Munnsville CR 36, Valley Mills Munnsville, Stockbridge
36 Greene Road NY 46, N of Stockbridge CR 35, Valley Mills Stockbridge
37 Cole Street CR 43, Solsville CR 40, E of Munnsville Madison, Stockbridge
38 Haslauer Road NY 46 & CR 33, Stockbridge CR 35, N of Munnsville Stockbridge
39 Stratford Street CR 37, W of Solsville Oneida Co. line Madison
40 East Hill Road CR 35, Munnsville Oneida Co. line Munnsville, Stockbridge Continues as Oneida CR 11
41 Solsville Road
Augusta Road
US 20 & CR 83, Madison Oneida Co. line Madison, Madison Continues as Oneida CR 10
42 Rocks Road
Lynch Road
CR 45, N of Morrisville NY 46, E of Pratts Hollow Eaton
43 Canal Road
Elm Street
Valley Road
US 20 & CR 81, Bouckville Oneida Co. line Madison
44 Union Street
Chapel Street
NY 46, Scribner Corners CR 51, Kenwood ONEIDA Also includes Cramer Avenue, Kenwood
45 Davis Corners Road US 20 & CR 106, Morrisville CR 47 Morrisville, Eaton, Smithfield
46 Delphi Falls Road Onondaga CR 258, Onondaga Co. line CR 65, N of New Woodstock Cazenovia Continues as Onondaga CR 125
47 Fearon Road CR 49, S of Pratts Hollow CR 101 Eaton, Smithfield
48 Judd Road CR 65 CR 50 Cazenovia
49 Pratts Road NY 46, Pine Woods NY 46, S of Munnsville Eaton, Stockbridge
50 Number Nine Road
Hardscrabble Road
CR 65, S of Cazenovia CR 67, N of Erieville Cazenovia, Nelson
51 Kenwood Avenue Oneida Co. line Oneida Co. line, Sherrill ONEIDA Continues S as Oneida CR 25
52 Damon Road
Eaton Brook Road
NY 13/NY 80, New Woodstock NY 26, West Eaton Cazenovia, Nelson, Eaton
53 Lincklaen Road Chenango Co. line NY 13, DeRuyter DeRuyter, DeRuyter Continues as Chenango CR 12
54 Buyea Road
South Court Street
CR 32, Peterboro NY 5 & CR 10, Wampsville Smithfield, Lincoln, Lenox, Wampsville
55 Middle Lake Road
South Lake Road
West Lake Road
NY 13, N of DeRuyter Onondaga Co. line DeRuyter, Fabius line Continues N as Onondaga CR 12
Enters Onondaga Co. briefly as CR 12
56 Hunt Road CR 57 NY 13, W of Sheds DeRuyter
57 East Lake Road
Reservoir Road
NY 13, Puckerville NY 80/CR 109, W of New Woodstock DeRuyter, Cazenovia
58 Crumb Hill Road NY 13, DeRuyter Chenango Co. line DeRuyter, Georgetown Continues as Chenango CR 16
59 Dam Road CR 57 at DeRuyter Reservoir Onondaga Co. line Cazenovia, DeRuyter line Continues as Onondaga CR 74
60 Dugway Road NY 13 & NY 80, Sheds CR 67, Erieville DeRuyter, Nelson
61 Mariposa Road Chenango Co. line CR 58, E of DeRuyter DeRuyter Continues as Chenango CR 13
62 Lebanon Road NY 26, N of Georgetown NY 12B, N of Earlville Georgetown, Lebanon, Hamilton
64 East Hill Road
South Lebanon Road
NY 26 & NY 80, Georgetown Chenango Co. line Georgetown, Lebanon Continues as Chenango CR 22
65 East Road
Chenango Street
NY 13/NY 80, New Woodstock US 20/NY 13, Cazenovia Cazenovia, Cazenovia
66 Reservoir Road
Armstrong Road
CR 62, E of Lebanon CR 75, S of Hamilton Lebanon
67 Erieville Road NY 26 CR 23, Fenner town line Georgetown, Nelson
68 Center Road CR 83, S of Madison US 20, E of Madison Madison
69 Mill Road
Upham Road
NY 26/NY 80, S of Georgetown CR 64, E of Georgetown Georgetown Includes spur to Chenango Co. line, N of Otselic
70 Gorton Road NY 12B, Hamilton CR 89, Poolville Hamilton, Hamilton
71 Campbell Road
Bradley Brook Road
Chenango Co. line NY 26, Pierceville Lebanon, Eaton
72 Hamilton Street CR 70, E of Hamilton CR 89, N of Hamilton Center Hamilton
73 River Road Chenango Co. line NY 26, Eaton Lebanon, Eaton
74 Larkin Road CR 89, N of Hamilton Center CR 95, S of West Brookfield Hamilton, Brookfield
75 Randallsville Road CR 73, Randallsville NY 12B, CR 83 & CR 87, Hamilton Lebanon, Hamilton, Hamilton
76 Canal Road NY 13, Canastota NY 316, N of Oneida Canastota, Lenox, ONEIDA
77 Middleport Road NY 12B, S of Randallsville CR 75, Randallsville Lebanon
78 Mason Road
Swamp Road
Main Street
Ouleout Road
Oneida Co. line CR 80, W of Brookfield Brookfield Continues as Oneida CR 6
79 Fargo Road NY 46, S of Pine Woods US 20, E of Pine Woods Eaton Entire length overlaps NY 26
80 Skaneateles Turnpike
Ouleout Road
CR 95, West Brookfield NY 8, N of Leonardsville Brookfield
81 Canal Road NY 46, N of Pecksport US 20 & CR 43, Bouckville Eaton, Madison Now part of CR 43?
82 Bliven Road CR 99 Oneida Co. line Brookfield Now CR 94?
83 Lake Moraine Road NY 12B, CR 75 & CR 87, Hamilton US 20 & CR 41, Madison Hamilton, Madison, Madison
84 Forks Road NY 8, W of Unadilla Forks Otsego Co. line, Unadilla Forks Brookfield Continues as Otsego CR 18A
85 Smith Road NY 12B, Hamilton NY 26, N of Eaton Hamilton, Eaton
86 Tuscarora Road CR 67, Erieville CR 52, W of West Eaton Nelson, Eaton
87 Eastlake Road NY 12B, CR 75 & CR 83, Hamilton CR 83 at Lake Moraine Hamilton, Madison
88 Willey Road CR 89, Poolville CR 95 Hamilton
89 Earlville Road
Poolville Road
Green Road
CR 89, E of Earlville NY 12, E of Hubbardsville (2-leg jct.) Hamilton
89A East Main Street NY 12B at Chenango Co. line, Earlville Borden Road, E of Earlville Earlville, Hamilton line, Sherburne line
90 Tackabury Road CR 88, S of Poolville NY 12, E of Poolville (2-leg jct.) Hamilton
91 Quarterline Road CR 89, Hubbardsville CR 68 Hamilton, Madison
92 Clockville Road CR 16 & CR 25, Clockville CR 29, Lenox Furnace Lincoln
93 Salt Springs Road Onondaga Co. line NY 5, Chittenango Sullivan, Chittenango Continues as Onondaga CR 132
94 Welsh Road NY 8, West Edmeston Otsego Co. line Brookfield Continues as spur to Otsego CR 18
95 South Hamilton Road
Moscow Road
NY 12, Chenango Co. line CR 80, West Brookfield Hamilton, Sherburne line, Brookfield
96 Center Street NY 8, Leonardsville Otsego Co. line Brookfield Continues as Otsego CR 19
97 Upper Lenox Avenue CR 54, Lenox Furnace NY 5 & NY 365A, E of Wampsville Lincoln, ONEIDA
98 South Lake Road CR 55 at DeRuyter Reservoir CR 57 DeRuyter
99 Beaver Creek Road NY 8, E of South Brookfield Oneida Co. line Brookfield Continues as Oneida CR 6A
100 Mount Hope Avenue CR 29, S of Lenox Furnace NY 46, Scribner Corners Lincoln, ONEIDA
101 Swamp Road US 20, Morrisville CR 32, Peterboro Morrisville, Eaton, Smithfield
102 Albro Road NY 12, Chenango Co. line NY 12 Hamilton, Sherburne line
103 Eagleville Road NY 26, West Eaton CR 105, Eagleville Eaton
104 Christian Hill Road US 20, Morrisville US 20, E of Morrisville Morrisville, Eaton
105 Eaton Road NY 26, Eaton US 20. Morrisville Eaton, Morrisville
106 Hart Road
South Road
CR 105, Eagleville US 20 & CR 45, Morrisville Eaton, Morrisville
107 Rodman Road CR 62 CR 73, S of Randallsville Lebanon
108 Cranston Road CR 89, Hamilton Center NY 12 Hamilton
109 Fabius Road Onondaga Co. line NY 13, New Woodstock Cazenovia Entire length overlaps NY 80

SOURCES: Madison County official highway map (The National Survey-1996), MapWorks Syracuse atlas (1996), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 08/24/MM

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