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Jefferson County routes are posted routes. Numbers up to 100 begin in the northeast corner and progress southward, alternating though the rows of Towns. Higher designations are scattered throughout, with similar numbers usually grouped in the same region.

Most of the routes are long, primary highways. They connect hamlets and Villages; several form loops or L-shapes serving the various points and promontories along Lake Ontario. Road names are not used on many of these highways, the simple numerical designation instead taking precedence.

In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed. It is common for Jefferson County routes to enter Villages.

1 Goose Bay Road Alexandria Bay vill. line CR 111 Alexandria
2 CR 3 NY 26, Alexandria Center Alexandria Old NY 26B
3 Eastline Road
Tanners Corners Road
NY 12, Clayton CR 192, Redwood Clayton, Clayton, Orleans, Alexandria Part is old NY 26B
4 NY 12E NY 12E, W of Clayton Cape Vincent, Clayton
5 Depot Street NY 12E, Three Mile Bay CR 181, W of La Fargeville Lyme, Clayton, Orleans
6 CR 57 Dead end at Tibbetts Point Lyme, Cape Vincent
7 NY 12E, Millens Bay NY 12E, E of Millens Bay Cape Vincent
8 NY 12E, W of Chaumont CR 7, Millens Bay Lyme, Cape Vincent
9 NY 12E, W of St. Lawrence NY 12, N of Depeauville Cape Vincent, Clayton
10 CR 5, Clayton Center CR 181, S of Clayton Clayton
11 Underbluff Road NY 12, Depeauville CR 5 Clayton
12 Overbluff Road NY 12, Depeauville NY 180, S of La Fargeville Clayton, Orleans
13 East Ridge Road NY 411, La Fargeville NY 180, Omar Orleans, Alexandria
15 CR 17 CR 3, W of Plessis Pamelia, Orleans, Alexandria
16 Willow Avenue NY 12 Factory Street, Evans Mills Brownville, Pamelia, Le Ray, Evans Mills
17 Kisser Schoolhouse Road CR 15 Factory Street, Evans Mills Pamelia, Le Ray, Evans Mills
18 CR 46, N of Evans Mills NY 37 Le Ray, Theresa
20 CR 46 NY 26, N of Philadelphia Theresa, Philadelphia
21 English Settlement Road CR 193, Theresa Grass Lake Road & Hart Flats Road Theresa, Theresa
22 CR 194, Theresa CR 25, Oxbow Theresa, Theresa, Antwerp
23 CR 194 Hull Road & Pulpit Rock Road Antwerp
24 US 11, N of Antwerp CR 25, E of Oxbow Antwerp
25 St. Lawrence Co. line, W of Oxbow St. Lawrence Co. line, E of Oxbow Antwerp Continues W as St. Lawrence CR 3, E as St. Lawrence CR 12
26 Depot Street CR 194, Antwerp St. Lawrence Co. line, Spragueville Antwerp, Antwerp Continues as St. Lawrence CR 9
28 NY 26 at Philadelphia vill. line CR 194 Philadelphia, Antwerp
29 CR 37 US 11/NY 26, S of Philadelphia Le Ray, Philadelphia
30 Pleasant Street CR 29, S of Philadelphia US 11, E of Philadelphia Philadelphia, Antwerp line
36 NY 3, Deferiet NY 3, Fargo Deferiet, Wilna Entire length overlaps NY 3A
37 NY 26, N of Great Bend NY 3, Herrings Le Ray, Wilna, Herrings
40 NY 3, Fargo CR 41 Wilna
41 High Street CR 40 NY 3, Natural Bridge Wilna
42 Carthage vill. line CR 40 Wilna
45 Lewis Co. line West Carthage vill. line Champion Continues as Lewis CR 13
46 Le Ray Street
Dutch Settlement Road
River Road
Commercial Street
US 11 & NY 26, E of Evans Mills NY 26, Theresa Le Ray, Evans Mills, Philadelphia, Theresa, Theresa Excludes Factory Street, Evans Mills
Part is old NY 37D
47 CR 163 NY 26, Great Bend Champion
49 Rutland Hollow Road CR 160, East Watertown CR 144 Watertown, Rutland
50 Maple Street c. 1500' W of Black River vill. line SR 971V, E of Black River Black River, Le Ray
53 1) William Street c. 750' W of Dexter vill. line NY 12E, E of Dexter Dexter, Brownville
2) Brown Road
Military Road
CR 54, Brownville NY 12, N of Watertown Brownville, Brownville, Pamelia
54 Brown Boulevard NY 12E, Brownville CR 55, S of Perch River Brownville, Brownville
55 Cul-de-sac S of CR 54 NY 180, Perch River Brownville
56 CR 6, Ponds NY 12E Cape Vincent
57 South Shore Road, Point Peninsula NY 12E, W of Three Mile Bay Lyme
59 Doane Road c. 1500' E of Dexter vill. line NY 12E, E of Chaumont Dexter, Brownville
62 CR 75, Sackets Harbor SR 970K at I-81 (Exit 44) Sackets Harbor, Hounsfield, Watertown
63 Massey Street CR 75, Smithville Watertown city line Adams, Hounsfield, Watertown
64 US 11 NY 232 at I-81 (Exit 44) Adams, Watertown
65 NY 232 Watertown city line Watertown
66 South Harbor Road NY 177 at I-81 (Exit 42), W of Adams Center NY 3 & NY 180, E of Sackets Harbor Adams, Hounsfield
67 CR 165, Watertown Center NY 12, Burrville Watertown
68 Zoar Road CR 69, N of Rodman CR 156, S of Burrville Rodman, Watertown
69 Lowville Road Adams vill. line CR 12 Adams, Rodman, Rutland, Champion Enters Lewis Co. briefly as CR 175
71 CR 72, Henderson CR 75, Smithville Henderson
72 NY 178, Henderson CR 123, Henderson Harbor Henderson
75 Butterville Road
Smithville Road
CR 78, N of Woodville NY 3, E of Sackets Harbor Ellisburg, Henderson, Adams, Hounsfield, Sackets Harbor
76 Green Settlement Road CR 75, S of Smithville CR 66, W of Adams Center Adams
77 Smithville Road NY 178, W of Adams CR 75, Butterville Adams
78 NY 193, Woodville NY 178, S of Henderson Ellisburg, Henderson
79 NY 3 CR 75, N of Belleville Ellisburg
82 CR 91, Hossington CR 84, Thomas Settlement Ellisburg, Adams
84 NY 178, Thomas Settlement Adams vill. line Adams
85 NY 289, S of Belleville US 11, Giddingsville Ellisburg
87 1) Oswego Co. line Ellis Road Ellisburg Continues as Oswego CR 22A
2) CR 90, S of Ellisburg CR 121, Ellisburg Ellisburg, Ellisburg
89 Ellis Road CR 90 at I-81 (Exit 39), W of Mannsville Ellisburg
90 Mannsville Road CR 87, S of Ellisburg CR 92 Ellisburg, Lorraine Excludes portion within village of Mannsville
91 CR 82, Hossington CR 92, S of Lorraine Ellisburg, Lorraine
92 Oswego Co. line CR 93, Lorraine Lorraine Continues as Oswego CR 17
93 CR 189, Lorraine CR 96, N of Worth Center Lorraine, Worth
95 CR 92 NY 177 Lorraine, Worth, Rodman
96 CR 189, Worth Lewis Co. line Worth Continues as Lewis CR 21
97 Washington Park Road US 11, Giddingsville NY 177, Rodman Ellisburg, Lorraine, Rodman
100 Westminster Park Road Becomes town road at Thousand Island Park Becomes town road at Westminster Park Orleans, Alexandria
111 Dutch Settlement Road NY 37 St. Lawrence Co. line Alexandria Continues as St. Lawrence CR 6
120 NY 3, North Landing NY 193, Woodville Ellisburg
121 Farm Market Road NY 3 NY 193, Ellisburg Ellisburg, Ellisburg
122 Oswego Co. line US 11, S of Mannsville Ellisburg Continues as Oswego CR 22
123 NY 3, Aspinwall Corners NY 3, N of Henderson Harbor Henderson
125 Guffin Street
Stone Street
Morris Tract Road
NY 12E & CR 125, Chaumont CR 128 Chaumont, Lyme, Brownville, Clayton
128 NY 180 NY 12 Brownville, Clayton
129 NY 342, W of Black River Black River vill. line Le Ray Old NY 26/NY 181
136 NY 37, S of Theresa CR 46, S of Theresa Theresa Old NY 37D
138 US 11, Calcium NY 342, N of Calcium Le Ray
143 NY 3, Felts Mills CR 47, Applegate Rutland, Champion
144 CR 49 CR 143, Clemmons Rutland
145 CR 75 CR 66 Hounsfield, Adams
152 Danley Road
Stony Creek Road
Smith Road
NY 178, Aspinwall Corners NY 178, E of Henderson Henderson
155 Dry Hill Road CR 69, W of Rodman CR 165, Watertown Center Rodman, Watertown
156 Lewis Co. line NY 12, Burrville Rodman, Rutland, Watertown Continues as Lewis CR 21
159 Watertown city line NY 12, E of Watertown Watertown
160 NY 126, East Watertown CR 161, S of Rutland Center Watertown, Rutland Includes dead-end spur E of CR 49
161 CR 69, Tylerville CR 160, S of Rutland Center Rutland
162 NY 12 NY 126, Rutland Center Rutland
163 NY 126, Harpers Ferry Lewis Co. line Rutland, Champion Continues as Lewis CR 15
165 US 11, Watertown Center US 11, Watertown Center Watertown Old US 11
178 Military Road Snowshoe Road at Whites Bay NY 3 & NY 178, Aspinwall Corners Henderson
179 Evans Street NY 12E, Chaumont NY 12, Depeauville Chaumont, Lyme, Clayton
181 NY 12, S of Clayton NY 180, La Fargeville Orleans
189 South Main Street US 11, Adams NY 177 Adams, Lorraine, Worth, Rodman Old NY 178
190 Main Street
Sheridan Street
NY 12E, Brownville NY 12, Watertown Brownville, Glen Park, Pamelia, WATERTOWN Formerly also NY 12E
191 CR 100 Dead end, W of I-81 (Exit 52) Orleans, Alexandria Old NY 180
192 NY 26, Browns Corners NY 37, Redwood Alexandria Old NY 26B
193 Main Street NY 26/NY 37, W of Theresa NY 26, Theresa Theresa, Theresa Old NY 26
194 Willow Street
Main Street
NY 26, Theresa Fort Drum reservation boundary, S of Antwerp Theresa, Theresa, Antwerp, Antwerp Old NY 26
195 NY 12 & NY 180, Fishers Landing Reed Point Road, Fishers Landing Orleans
196 Fisher Road
Fisher Circle
NY 12F, W of Watertown Loop at Jefferson County Industrial Park Watertown
197 CR 47, S of Great Bend NY 3 & NY 26, Great Bend Champion

SOURCES: Jefferson County official highway map (Map Works-2000), NYSDOT Jefferson County map (1999), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 08/22/MM

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