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Columbia County routes are posted routes. Even numbers are east-west, increasing from south to north. Odd numbers are north-south, increasing from east to west. CR 46, CR 88 and CR 89 are anomalous.

Columbia County highways are almost all relatively long-distance routes. Many of them continue across state highways, often spanning much of the length or breadth of the County. Also, several consist of two or more discrete segments, either discontiguous or intersecting. Most of the roads in the county belong to the Towns, the county designations being conservatively distributed. Usually, the roads are referred to by number, their older names having fallen out of favor. In no case does any county route enter either a Village or the City of Hudson.

2 Dutchess Co. line Dutchess Co. line Clermont, Livingston, Gallatin Overlaps CR 19 through Elizaville
Continues W as Dutchess CR 78
To the E, enters Dutchess Co. several times as CR 50
3 CR 8 near NY 82, Ancramdale NY 22, Weed Mines Ancram
4 Dutchess Co. line US 9 Clermont Continues as Dutchess CR 80
5 NY 22, Austerlitz US 20, New Lebanon Center Austerlitz, Canaan, New Lebanon
5A US 20, New Lebanon Rensselaer Co. line New Lebanon Continues as Rensselaer CR 29
6 CR 35 US 9, Clermont Clermont, Germantown
7 1) Dutchess Co. line at Dutchess CR 50, Mount Ross NY 23, Craryville Gallatin, Ancram, Copake
2) CR 21 NY 203, Spencertown Hillsdale, Austerlitz
7A 1) CR 7, West Copake (2-leg jct.) NY 22, E of Copake (2 long legs) Copake
2) CR 7A (1), W of Copake CR 7
7D NY 22, N of North Hillsdale Dawson Road & La Branche Road Hillsdale
8 1) Hudson River, W of Germantown CR 11 Germantown, Clermont, Livingston, Gallatin Overlaps US 9 N of Clermont (c. 1.25 mi.)
2) NY 82, Ancramdale Dutchess Co. line Ancram
8A Dutchess Co. line CR 8, E of Ancramdale Ancram Continues as Dutchess CR 59
9 NY 217, Mellenville Rensselaer Co. line Claverack, Ghent, Austerlitz, Chatham, Canaan, New Lebanon Overlaps NY 66 through Ghent, NY 295 through East Chatham, US 20 through West Lebanon
Continues as Rensselaer CR 27
10 1) NY 9G, Linlithgo US 9 & CR 19, Livingston Livingston
2) NY 82, West Taghkanic CR 27, East Taghkanic Taghkanic
11 1) CR 7 NY 82 Gallatin
2) CR 27, East Taghkanic Philmont vill. line Taghkanic, Hillsdale, Claverack Overlaps NY 23 E of Martindale (c. 2 mi.)
11A CR 11 NY 23, W of Craryville Taghkanic, Copake
12 Bells Pond Road & Water Street Road CR 27, Churchtown Livingston, Claverack
13 NY 66, Chatham Center Rensselaer Co. line Chatham, New Lebanon Continues to US 20 & NY 66, East Nassau
14 NY 9G CR 31 Greenport
15 CR 8 NY 82, West Taghkanic Gallatin, Taghkanic
16 NY 23, W of Hollowville NY 23, Upper Hollowville Claverack
17 NY 66, N of Chatham Center NY 203, North Chatham Chatham
18 NY 66, E of Hudson NY 217, W of Mellenville Claverack
19 Dutchess Co. line US 9, Livingston Clermont, Livingston Overlaps CR 2 through Elizaville
Continues as Dutchess CR 55
20 US 9, W of Stottville NY 9H Stockport, Ghent Formerly extended to NY 66
Old NY 401
21 1) NY 22, North Hillsdale (2-leg jct.) CR 21C, N of Harlemville Hillsdale
2) NY 66/CR 9, Ghent Rensselaer Co. line Ghent, Kinderhook, Stuyvesant Excludes portion within Village of Kinderhook
Continues as Rensselaer CR 1
21B CR 21 NY 203 Ghent, Kinderhook
21C NY 217 at Taconic State Parkway CR 21, N of Harlemville Ghent, Hillsdale Old NY 217
22 1) Hudson River, W of Columbiaville CR 25, Stockport Stockport Overlaps US 9 across Stockport Creek
2) NY 9H, West Ghent CR 21, N of Ghent Ghent
24 CR 9, W of Red Rock CR 5, E of Red Rock Chatham, Canaan
25 US 9, S of Stockport NY 9H, E of Stuyvesant Falls Stockport, Stuyvesant, Kinderhook
25A CR 25, Stuyvesant Falls US 9, Stuyvesant Falls Stuyvesant
25B US 9, S of Stockport CR 25, S of Stockport Stockport
26A Riverview Street, Stuyvesant US 9, Sunnyside Stuyvesant Old NY 398
27 CR 7, N of West Copake NY 9H/NY 23, S of Claverack Copake, Taghkanic, Claverack
27A CR 7 CR 27 Ancram, Copake
27B CR 27 CR 16, Hollowville Claverack
28 1) US 9 NY 203, S of Niverville Kinderhook
2) CR 28A NY 66, Chatham Center Chatham
3) CR 28 (1), Niverville NY 203, E of Niverville Kinderhook
28A Valatie vill. line CR 28 Kinderhook, Chatham
28B CR 28, W of Niverville CR 32 Kinderhook
29 NY 9H/NY 23 NY 23B, Greenport Center Claverack, Greenport
30 NY 295, Queechy NY 22 Canaan
31 US 9 & CR 8 US 9 & NY 23 Livingston, Greenport
32 US 9 at Rensselaer Co. line NY 66, W of Malden Bridge Kinderhook, Chatham Overlaps NY 203 at North Chatham
33 CR 6 NY 9G Clermont, Germantown Overlaps CR 8 E of Germantown (c. 0.25 mi.)
34 CR 9 CR 5, S of New Lebanon Center New Lebanon
35 Dutchess Co. line NY 9G, Germantown Clermont, Germantown
35A NY 9G, North Germantown NY 9G Germantown
46 NY 9J, Newton Hook US 9, Stuyvesant Falls Stuyvesant
88 NY 66 NY 66 Ghent
89 NY 66 NY 9H Claverack, Ghent

Columbia County also maintains a small number of unmarked routes, listed below. Most of these are short spurs and connectors. The numbering system stems from the older legislative numbering scheme, which also assigns numbers to the posted county highways; these, however, are not yet available.

22 New Street CR 25A, Stuyvesant Falls US 9, Stuyvesant Falls Stuyvesant
59A Alvord Dock Road Hudson River US 9 & NY 9J, N of Columbiaville Stockport
60 Schodack Landing Road US 9 Rensselaer Co. line Kinderhook Continues as Rensselaer CR 2
61 Hogel Hill Road Chatham vill. line NY 203 at Taconic State Parkway Chatham, Ghent
64 Anthony Street NY 22, Hillsdale NY 23, Hillsdale Copake, Hillsdale
65 Columbia Turnpike Hudson city line NY 23B, E of Hudson Greenport
82 Rock City Road Taconic State Parkway NY 295, W of East Chatham Chatham Also includes connectors to TSP north and from TSP south

SOURCES: NYSDOT Columbia County map (1996), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998).

Edition 12/10/99

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