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Broome County routes are well marked, using the standard shield shown above. East-west highways get even numbers, strictly assigned from south to north, while north-south highways get odd numbers, similarly assigned from west to east. The numbers were initially assigned by fours, rather than twos, allowing room for later additions to the system (a few examples of which have since appeared). Most county roads are long stretches of road with a single name, although a few comprise systems of small stubs and spurs (cf. CRs 113 & 229). For the most part, only the more important secondary routes are part of the county system, with the towns taking responsibility for the majority of local roads.

There is evidence of an older numbering system, used before the current signed highways were established, some vestiges of which still appear in county records. This system is not included here, as the available information is incomplete.

Italicized routes are obsolete designations. In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed.

Sherman Creek Road CR 249, W of Hale Eddy
Delaware Co. line, Hale Eddy
(becomes Delaware CR 56)

5 Tracy Creek Road Underwood Road & Collins Road, Tracy Creek Owego Road & Arlington Avenue, Ross Corners Vestal
Brady Hill Road CR 125, E of Hawleyton CR 20 & CR 141, Conklin Forks Binghamton, Conklin

9 Greenwood Road Tioga Co. line CR 21, N of Nanticoke

13 Nanticoke Drive NY 26
(at Endicott vill. line)
NY 26, Union Center Union
Edson Road Barton Road, McKinney Road & Piper Hill Road, Edson NY 79, South Windsor
Conklin Forks Road
Cedarhurst Road
CR 8 & CR 141, Conklin Forks I-81 (Exit 1), Kirkwood Conklin, Kirkwood

Route 11 ramp
US 11, Kirkwood
CR 20, Kirkwood

21 Nanticoke Road
Caldwell Hill Road
NY 26, Maine NY 79, Center Lisle Maine, Nanticoke, Lisle
Bridge Street CR 20, Kirkwood CR 209, Kirkwood Kirkwood

Bridge Street spur
Dead end at Susquehanna River
CR 24, Kirkwood

25 Church Road
Hunts Corners Road
NY 79, Center Lisle Jennings Road, N of Center Lisle Lisle
Fox Farm Road
Old Route 17
Chapel Street
Second Street
CR 217, West Windsor
Delaware Co. line, Deposit Windsor, Windsor, Sanford, Deposit Former routing of NY 17.

29 Taft Avenue Country Club Road, Endwell
CR 76, E of Union Center
Trim Street
Kent Street
US 11, Langdon Windsor vill. line Kirkwood, Windsor

33 Hooper Road NY 17C, Endwell CR 29, N of Endicott Union

1) Hooper Road ramp
NY 17C, Endwell
CR 33, Endwell

2) East Main Street ramp CR 33, Endwell
NY 17C, Endwell
Castle Gardens Road Westview Drive, W of Vestal NY 434, Vestal Vestal Transferred to Town of Vestal.
Part of NY 17's old routing.

37 Killawog Hill Road
River Road
CR 148, W of Lisle Cortland Co. line, N of Killawog
(becomes Cortland CR 134B)
Shaw Road CR 173 NY 7, N of Conklin Center
Vestal Road Bridge Street & North Main St., Vestal NY 434, East Vestal Vestal Former routing of NY 17.

Old Vestal Lane
Dead end at NY 17 Exit 67 ramps
CR 44, W of Twin Orchard

45 East Maine Road CR 69 & CR 72, Choconut Center NY 26, N of Maine
Union, Maine
Vestal Avenue
Bridge Street
North bridge abutment, Endicott South bridge abutment, Vestal Endicott, Vestal

49 1) Farm To Market Road CR 33, Endwell CR 45, East Maine Union, Maine
2) Fredericks Road
Oak Tree Lane
CR 49 (1)
CR 49 (1)
This former alignment of CR 49 was transferred to the Town of Maine.
1) Colesville Road
Maple Street
US 11, N of Fivemile Point NY 79, Harpursville Kirkwood, Windsor, Colesville
2) Barlow Road CR 169 at US 11, E of Binghamton
CR 52 (1) & CR 181, N of Fivemile Point Kirkwood Transferred to Town of Kirkwood.

53 Bunn Hill Road NY 26, N of Vestal Center NY 434, W of East Vestal Vestal
Watson Boulevard CR 33, Endwell Johnson City vill. line Union

57 Powderhouse Road NY 26, Vestal Center Binghamton city line, East Vestal Vestal, Binghamton
Day Hollow Road Tioga Co. line
(becomes Tioga CR 14/CH 605)
NY 26, West Corners Union

61 Whitney Point-Lisle Road Whitney Point vill. line
Lisle vill. line Triangle, Lisle
Ouaquaga Road CR 52, West Colesville
NY 79, W of Ouaquaga Colesville, Windsor

65 Oakdale Road Johnson City vill. line CR 45, S of East Maine
Union, Maine
Old State Road Port Dickinson vill. line CR 217, West Colesville Dickinson, Kirkwood, Colesville A very old routing of NY 7.

69 Airport Road 1) CR 113, Stella
Binghamton Regional Airport terminal Dickinson, Union, Maine The southernmost 0.42 mi. are maintained by NYSDOT.
2) CR 69 (1)
CR 69 (1)
Union, Maine
A former alignment of CR 69 serving St. Stanislaus Kostka Cemetery.

Lt. VanWinkle Drive
Broome County Sheriff's Office
US 11, N of Binghamton


Lt. VanWinkle Drive spur
CR 70
South College Dr.

Lewis Road
Smith Hill Road
CR 45 & CR 69, Choconut Center US 11, Nimmonsburg Union, Chenango

73 Knapp Road CR 69 at Binghamton Regional Airport Flint Road Maine

Cutler Pond Road
County softball fields
CR 70

Twist Run Road CR 13, E of Union Center CR 49, N of Endwell

77 Keibel Road US 11
(at Whitney Point vill. line)
Becomes federal reservation road, 0.27 mi. N of Johnson Hill Road
Nowlan Road CR 129, Hillcrest CR 185, S of Port Crane
Fenton, Kirkwood line
Maple Drive NY 38B, Union Center NY 26, Union Center Maine, Union

85 Reynolds Road Johnson City vill. line CR 45, N of Johnson City Union
Old Newark Valley Road NY 38B, W of Union Center
NY 38B, Union Center Maine

89 Upper Stella Ireland Road CR 69, New Ireland CR 104, West Chenango
(at Chenango town line)
Maine, Chenango
1) Avery Road Extension
Avery Road
Harrington Road Fredericks Road Maine
2) Avery Road spur
Dead end at Bradley Creek reservoir
CR 92 (1)

93 Lower Stella Ireland Road Dead end at CR 69
CR 45, Choconut Center Dickinson, Union

Airport Road spur
CR 93, S of Choconut Center
CR 69, S of Choconut Center

River Road CR 153, Chenango Bridge NY 12, Kattelville Chenango

97 Middle Stella Ireland Road CR 72, Choconut Center CR 69, N of Choconut Center Union
Hospital Hill Road CR 153, Chenango Bridge Dead end Chenango Transferred to Town of Chenango.

101 Hyde Street US 11 & CR 132, Castle Creek Pease Hill Road, S of Whitney Point
Chenango, Barker
West Chenango Road CR 89, West Chenango
(at Maine town line)
US 11, Glen Castle Chenango

105 Brooks Road CR 104, E of West Chenango
US 11, S of Castle Creek Chenango
Airport Road CR 153, S of Kattelville
CR 96, E of Kattelville

109 Quaker Lake Road Pennsylvania state line
(becomes PA SR 4001)
CR 117 Binghamton
Commercial Drive CR 45, East Maine CR 89, West Chenango Maine

113 Downs Avenue
Prospect Street
Binghamton city line at Columbus St., Stella
Binghamton city line at Tracy St., Stella
Dickinson Downs Ave. is maintained by NYSDOT from Market St. to Prospect St.
Glenwood Road
Prospect St., Binghamton
CR 72, W of Nimmonsburg
BINGHAMTON, Dickinson, Chenango

Arbutus Road CR 45, N of East Maine
CR 69, N of East Maine

117 1) Hawleyton Road Pennsylvania state line
(becomes PA SR 4006)
Binghamton city line Vestal, Binghamton
2) Silver Lake Road
Pennsylvania state line
(becomes PA 167)
CR 117 (1)
Ganoungtown Road NY 369 CR 193, N of Pleasant Hill

121 Park Avenue CR 117, Hawleyton Binghamton city line, Park Terrace Binghamton
Beartown Road NY 369, S of North Fenton
CR 221, N of Tunnel Fenton, Colesville

125 Saddlemire Road CR 117, Hawleyton CR 141, N of Conklin Forks
Binghamton, Conklin
Knapp Hill Road US 11, N of Castle Creek
NY 12, Chenango Forks Barker, Chenango

129 Chenango Road Port Dickinson vill. line I-88/NY 7 east service road, Hillcrest
Fenton Old routing of NY 7 and NY 12A.
Dunham Hill Road NY 26, S of Glen Aubrey US 11 & CR 101, Castle Creek Maine, Nanticoke, Barker, Chenango

133 South Street NY 79, S of Itaska
NY 206, Triangle Barker, Triangle
Cherry Valley Hill Road Henry M. Baldwin Street, Nanticoke NY 26, N of Glen Aubrey

137 North Street NY 206, Triangle Witty Hill Road, Penelope Road & Round Pond Road, Hazzard Corners
Cloverdale Road CR 133 Chenango Co. line
(becomes Chenango CR 1)

141 Pierce Creek Road CR 8 & CR 20, Conklin Forks Binghamton city line Conklin, Binghamton
Page Brook Road NY 26, N of Whitney Point Hemlock Hill Road, Witty Hill Road & Yarns Road, Clough Corners

145 Bevier Street 1) US 11, N of Binghamton
Chenango St., Binghamton

2) Binghamton city line
CR 68, E of Port Dickinson
Dickinson, Kirkwood
Owen Hill Road NY 79, Manningville Lisle vill. line Lisle

149 Pixley Road CR 140 CR 133 Barker
Merrill Creek Road
Upper Lisle Road
Cortland Co. line
(becomes Cortland CR 161C)
NY 26, Upper Lisle Triangle

153 Kattelville Road NY 12A, Chenango Bridge CR 96, Kattelville Chenango
Jennings Creek Road Cortland Co. line
(becomes Cortland CR 136)
US 11, Killawog Lisle

Jennings Creek Road spur
Dead end at Big Brook
CR 156, W of Killawog


Fallon Road
NY 12, W of Chenango Bridge
CR 251 at county highway garage

157 Murphy Road CR 20, W of Conklin
CR 141 Conklin, Binghamton

161 Powers Road NY 7, Conklin Center Binghamton city line Conklin, Binghamton

165 1) Crocker Hill Road
CR 80, E of Hillcrest NY 7B, Port Crane Fenton
2) Canal Street
NY 7B, Port Crane
Park St., Port Crane
These local street segments were transferred to the Town of Fenton.
3) Park Street
NY 369, Port Crane
Dead end at I-88/NY 7
4) Albany Street
NY 369 at I-88/NY 7 (Exit 3), Port Crane
Canal St., Port Crane

169 Loughlin Road US 11, E of Binghamton
CR 68 Kirkwood

173 Terrace Drive CR 40 NY 7, W of Fivemile Point

177 Colesville Road Extension
NY 7, W of Fivemile Point
CR 52, N of Fivemile Point Conklin, Kirkwood Maintained by NYSDOT.

181 Industrial Park Drive CR 52, N of Fivemile Point
CR 181 (loop)

Industrial Park Drive spur
CR 52 at I-81/NY 17 (Exit 3) CR 181

185 Stratmill Road CR 52 at I-81/NY 17 (Exit 3) CR 80, S of Port Crane
Kirkwood, Fenton

189 Hardie Road CR 161, W of Conklin Center CR 40, N of Conklin Center

193 Ballyhack Road NY 369 at I-88/NY 7 (Exit 3), Port Crane CR 120, N of Pleasant Hill

197 Broome Corporate Parkway NY 7 & CR 20, Conklin CR 161, Conklin Center Conklin

205 Stillwater Road NY 79, W of North Fenton
Chenango Co. line
(becomes Chenango CR 32)

209 Main Street US 11, S of Kirkwood US 11, Kirkwood Kirkwood

217 1) North Road
Sanitaria Springs Road
CR 28, West Windsor CR 217 (2), Sanitaria Springs
Windsor, Colesville
2) Circle Drive
NY 7B, Sanitaria Springs
NY 7, Sanitaria Springs

221 Tunnel Road NY 7, E of Sanitaria Springs NY 79, North Colesville Colesville, Fenton

225 State Line Road Pennsylvania state line, State Line
(becomes PA SR 1015)
CR 28, Damascus Windsor

229 1) Center Village Loop Road CR 233, N of Doraville
CR 233, E of Center Village Colesville
2) Bridge Street
CR 79, Center Village
CR 229 (1), Center Village
3) Old Bridge Street
CR 79, Center Village
CR 229 (1), Center Village
The old bridge is closed to traffic.

233 East Windsor Road Windsor vill. line Chenango Co. line, Nineveh
(becomes Chenango CR 26)
Windsor, Colesville

Nineveh Bridge
NY 7, Nineveh
CR 233, Nineveh

237 Oquaga Lake Road CR 28, McClure Deposit vill. line Sanford

241 1) North Sanford Road NY 41, Sanford CR 241 (2)
2) East Afton Road
Delaware Co. line
(becomes Delaware CR 20)
Chenango Co. line

245 1) Big Hollow Road
Lumber Road
Deposit vill. line Becomes town road, 630' E of Big Hollow Road Sanford
2) Old Big Hollow Road
CR 245 (1), N of Deposit
CR 245 (1)
Abandoned segment of old CR 245.

249 River Road Pennsylvania state line
(becomes PA SR 4043)
CR 237, S of Deposit Sanford

Stone Road
CR 158 at county highway garage
Broad St., Chenango Bridge

SOURCES: Broome County official highway map (Map Works-1998), NYSDOT Broome County map (1996), NYSDOT Binghamton area quadrangle maps (1994), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998/2000), NYSDOT Highway Inventory File (2011).

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