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Allegany County routes are posted using the standard marker shown above. No overall numbering pattern is apparent, although CRs 9, 10 and 11 are arranged along a continuous path, and there are several groups of letter-suffixed routes branching from a common "parent". Allegany County routes are fairly sparse compared to some other rural counties; they comprise mainly secondary through routes connecting the various towns.

In sparsely-populated counties such as this one, road names can be difficult to determine. There tends to be considerable disagreement between sources, and various alternate or historical names are often reported. County road names are frequently not signed, with route numbers taking precedence. In this listing, names that cannot be verified or are no longer in general use are given in parentheses.

In the "Towns" column, Villages are also listed.

1 West Clarksville Road
Fifth Avenue
NY 305, N of West Clarksville NY 275, Nile Clarksville, Wirt, Friendship
2 Karr Valley Road
(Paige Road)
CR 16, E of Angelica Becomes SR 962A, W of Almond
(about 400' W of I-86/NY 17 WB ramps)
Angelica, West Almond, Almond
2A (Camp Road)
CR 16 CR 2, W of Karrdale
West Almond, Almond
2B Baker Valley Road NY 244, Withey
CR 2 Amity, Angelica, West Almond
3 Buffalo Road
(Centerville-Hume Road)
Cattaraugus Co. line
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 23)
NY 19, N of Hume Centerville, Hume
4 East Main Street
(Snyder Hill Road)
NY 19 & NY 19A, Fillmore CR 15, Short Tract Hume, Granger
5 Salt Rising Road
Dagget Hollow Road
NY 417, Little Genesee NY 305, Obi Genesee, Clarksville
5A Salt Rising Road CR 5, W of Bolivar
Bolivar vill. line Genesee, Bolivar
5B Messer Hill Road Dead end, W of Richburg
CR 34 & CR 40, Richburg Wirt, Richburg
Formerly included Evans Avenue in Richburg (now part of CR 34).
5C Halls Crossing Road
CR 5, N of Little Genesee NY 417, N of Little Genesee Genesee
6 Haskell Road Cattaraugus Co. line
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 27)
NY 305, South Cuba Clarksville, Cuba
Haskell Road
1) CR 6, W of South Cuba
Empire Cheese plant entrance

2) Empire Cheese plant entrance
NY 305, South Cuba
7 Rawson Road
North Shore Road
Cattaraugus Co. line, S of Rawson
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 25)
NY 305, N of North Cuba
New Hudson, Cuba
7A 1) Rawson Road
(County Line Road)
Cattaraugus Co. line
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 25)
On Cattaraugus Co. line
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 46 about 0.5 mi. N of Palmer Road)
New Hudson
2) Lyndon Center Road
Cattaraugus Co. line
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 47)
CR 7A (1), S of Rawson
7B Hardys Corners Road
Lower Street
Cattaraugus Co. line, Hardy Corners
(at jct. Cattaraugus CR 46)
Buffalo St. & West Branch Road, Rushford Rushford
7C Abbotts Road Cattaraugus Co. line
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 24)
CR 7D at Cuba Lake Cuba
7D West Shore Road Cattaraugus Co. line
(becomes Cattaraugus CR 50)
CR 7 at Cuba Lake Cuba
7E Allegany Road CR 7B, Rushford Upper St., Rushford Rushford
8 Inavale Road NY 275, N of Richburg NY 275, W of Inavale
9 Knight Creek Road
River Street
NY 417, N of Allentown
NY 19 & CR 10, Scio Scio
10 Vandermark Road NY 19 & CR 9, Scio NY 244 & CR 11, Five Corners
Scio, Ward, Alfred
Old County Road 10
Dead end at Vandermark Creek
CR 10, E of Scio

11 McHenry Valley Road NY 244 & CR 10, Five Corners
NY 21, Almond Alfred, Almond, Almond

12 Elm Valley Road
Jericho Hill Road
NY 417, Elm Valley Alfred vill. line Andover, Wellsville line, Ward, Alfred
13 South Valley Road
South Church Street
North Hill Road & Tildon Hill Road, S of Canaseraga
NY 70 & CR 13A, Canaseraga Burns, Canaseraga
13A North Church Street
(Ossian Road)
NY 70 & CR 13, Canaseraga Livingston Co. line Canaseraga, Burns
13B Mill Street
CR 13A, Canaseraga Livingston Co. line
(becomes Livingston CR 70)
Canaseraga, Burns
13C Slader Creek Road Freiner Hill Road & Gas Springs Road, Mastin Corners
CR 13, S of Canaseraga Burns
14 (Burns Road) SR 961F, W of Burns
Steuben Co. line, Burns
(becomes Steuben CR 52)
15 (Old State Road)
Basswood Hill Road
CR 16, W of Angelica Livingston Co. line
(becomes Livingston CR 20)
Angelica, Allen, Granger Old State Road was formerly NY 408.
15A Fink Hollow Road CR 15, S of Short Tract CR 15B, W of Garwoods
Allen, Birdsall, Grove
15B (Birdsall-Garwood Road) CR 16, Birdsall NY 70, Garwoods Birdsall, Grove, Burns Formerly NY 408, and previously NY 408A.
16 (Birdsall Road)
Dalton Road
1) NY 19, W of Angelica Angelica vill. line
Belfast, Angelica, West Almond, Birdsall, Grove Formerly NY 408, and the portion E of CR 15 was previously NY 408A.
2) Angelica vill. line
Livingston Co. line
(becomes Livingston CR 24)
17 White Creek Road Becomes NY 275, N of Friendship
(about 500' N of I-86/NY 17 WB ramps)
NY 19, S of Belfast Friendship, Belfast
Old County Road 17
CR 17
CR 17 & CR 41

18 Petrolia Road Pennsylvania state line, S of South Bolivar
(becomes PA SR 4021)
NY 417, W of Wellsville
Bolivar, Alma, Scio, Wellsville
19 Spring Mills Road Pennsylvania state line
(becomes PA SR 1013)
NY 248, Whitesville Independence
19A (Rexville Road) CR 19, E of Whitesville Steuben Co. line
(becomes Steuben CR 124)
20 Cuba-Friendship Road
West Main Street
East Main Street
Gibson Hill Road
Cuba vill. line Angelica vill. line Cuba, Friendship, Amity, Angelica Formerly NY 408.
County Road 20
CR 20, E of Friendship
CR 20, E of Friendship

21 Shovel Hollow Road NY 417, E of Andover
Steuben Co. line
(becomes Steuben CR 28)
22 Independence Road NY 248, S of Independence
Andover vill. line Independence, Andover
22A (Independence Road) CR 22, Independence Steuben Co. line
(becomes Steuben CR 59)
23 Hume Road NY 243, E of Rushford NY 19, Hume Rushford, Centerville, Hume
24 Swain Road CR 16 NY 70, Swain Grove
25 South Shore Road Oil Spring Indian Reservation boundary NY 305, North Cuba Cuba
26 Belfast Road
East Hughes Street
CR 16, W of Angelica
NY 19, Belfast Angelica, Belfast
Old County Road 26
CR 26, S of Belfast
CR 26, S of Belfast

27 Wiscoy Road NY 19A, Rossburg Wyoming Co. line
(becomes Wyoming CR 29)
27B Ballard Road CR 4, E of Fillmore Otis Smith Road & Bowen-Eldridge Road Hume, Granger
28 East State Street Wellsville vill. line NY 417, E of Wellsville Wellsville
29 Stone Dam Road
Pennsylvania state line
(becomes PA SR 4023)
NY 19 & CR 39, York Corners Alma, Willing
30 Trapping Brook Road NY 417, Wellsville CR 22, S of Andover
Wellsville, Wellsville, Andover
31 West Water Street
Middaugh Hill Road
CR 20, Friendship CR 9, Scio Friendship, Amity, Scio
31A Corbin Hill Road CR 31, E of Friendship
NY 19, S of Belmont Friendship, Amity
32 North Almond Valley Road
Bishopville Road
Bush Road Steuben Co. line
(becomes Steuben CR 67)
33 South Bolivar Road CR 18, South Bolivar Kossuth Road, Kossuth Bolivar
34 Evans Avenue
West Notch Road
CR 5B & CR 40, Richburg CR 1, Nile Richburg, Wirt, Friendship Evans Avenue in Richburg was formerly assigned to CR 5B.
35 Genesee Street NY 19, Houghton Centerville Road, Houghton Caneadea
36 Fairview Road
Pike Road
Becomes town road 0.4 mi. S of CR 3, Centerville Wyoming Co. line
(becomes Wyoming CR 21)
38 Four Mile Road CR 18, Alma CR 29, S of Stone Dam
Alma, Willing
39 Beech Hill Road NY 19 & CR 29, York Corners NY 248, N of Whitesville
Willing, Independence
40 Richburg Road
Reed Street
NY 305, West Clarksville NY 275, Bolivar
Clarksville, Wirt, Richburg, Bolivar

41 Tibbetts Hill Road NY 305, Black Creek CR 17 New Hudson, Belfast
42 Hartsville Hill Road
NY 21 & SR 961G, Alfred Station Steuben Co. line
(becomes Steuben CR 68)
43 Camp Road CR 20, N of Belvidere
Old State Road, W of Angelica
44 River Road Weidrick Road, S of Wellsville Wellsville vill. line Wellsville
46 East Hill Road NY 19, Caneadea East River Road, E of Caneadea
48 Trianna Street
River Road
NY 244, Belmont
CR 20, N of Belvidere
Amity, Angelica
49 Hillcrest Road NY 243, E of Rushford
NY 19, Caneadea Rushford, Caneadea
50 O'Donnell Road Pennsylvania state line
(becomes PA SR 4018)
NY 19, S of Shongo Willing Continues as PA SR 4018

NY 19 at Molyneaux Road, S of Houghton
County transfer station #1

NY 70, Canaseraga
County transfer station #2
CR 20, W of Friendship
County transfer station #3
CR 20, S of Angelica
County transfer station #4
Satley Hill Road, S of Almond
County transfer station #5
CR 40, Richburg
County transfer station #6
West Dyke St. & West Hanover St., Wellsville
County transfer station #7
CR 48, N of Belmont
County landfill

SOURCES: Allegany County official highway map (ACDPW-2000), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998), NYSDOT Allegany County quadrangle maps (1976), NYSDOT Highway Inventory File (2011).

Edition 12/16/11

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