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Albany County maintains a well-marked system of highways. The standard pentagon shield, shown above, is used, and turn assemblies and end markers are consistently posted. The numbers are arranged in groups of 50 that correspond to the various towns, as listed alphabetically, in which each route is predominantly situated. These groupings are here shown as sub-headings; no town currently uses all 50 assigned numbers.

Density of county routes varies somewhat: in the less populous southwestern towns, county routes make up a high percentage of the total road mileage, whereas in the northern parts of Colonie and Guilderland, there are very few county routes at all.

In many cases, particularly in Westerlo and Rensselaerville, roads names are no longer used (and some may never have been). These roads are instead referred to solely by their route number, and their names are shown below in parentheses.

Italicized routes are obsolete designations. In the "Towns" column, Villages and CITIES are also listed. No county routes enter the cities of Cohoes or Watervliet.

BERNE (1-50)
1 Switz Kill Road NY 143, Westerlo CR 254, W of Berne
Westerlo, Berne
2 Cole Hill Road CR 1, N of Snyders Corners
NY 443, Bensons Corners
Westerlo, Berne
3 Willsie Road CR 1 CR 2 Berne
6 Ravine Road NY 85, Shoefelt Corners
CR 1 Rensselaerville, Berne
9 Bradt Hollow Road
Canaday Hill Road
NY 443, West Berne
(at Knox town line)
NY 443, Berne Berne
10 Huntersland Road CR 353 Schoharie Co. line
(becomes Schoharie CR 21)
Rensselaerville, Berne
11 Cass Hill Road
North Road
NY 85, Bramans Corners
NY 85, N of Reidsville
Westerlo, Berne
12 (Garver Hill Road)
Rapp Road
CR 10 CR 10 Rensselaerville, Berne
13 Sickle Hill Road CR 6 CR 1 Berne
14 Joslyn School Road NY 85, W of  Bramans Corners
NY 443, E of East Berne
Westerlo, Berne
BETHLEHEM (51-100)
52 Elm Avenue Extension
Elm Avenue
Cherry Avenue
SR 910A, S of Delmar NY 140, Slingerlands Bethlehem Overlaps NY 32 between SR 910A and Delmar Bypass.
53 South Albany Road
Old School Road
Creble Road
Elm Avenue
Jericho Road
NY 396, South Bethlehem US 9W, Meyers Corners
Bethlehem Overlaps CR 55 on Creble Road.
Jericho Bridge over Selkirk Yard was closed from 1986-1991 and again since 2009.
54 South Albany Road CR 102, S of Feura Bush
CR 53, South Albany
55 Creble Road NY 32, E of Feura Bush US 9W, N of Beckers Corners Bethlehem
COEYMANS (101-150)
101 (South Bethlehem Road)
South Street
US 9W, Ravena NY 396, South Bethlehem Ravena, Coeymans, Bethlehem
102 Starr Road
Old Quarry Road
NY 143, W of Ravena
NY 32, Feura Bush Coeymans, Bethlehem, New Scotland
103 Blodgett Road NY 143, Coeymans Hollow NY 396 & CR 301, Callanans Corners
106 Tompkins Road NY 143, E of Coeymans Hollow CR 102 Coeymans
108 Copeland Hill Road NY 32, Keefers Corners
CR 301, W of Callanans Corners
109 Lawson Lake Road NY 32, S of Keefers Corners
CR 301, Tarrytown
Coeymans, New Scotland
111 (Alcove Road) Greene Co. line
(becomes Greene CR 38)
NY 143, Alcove Westerlo, Coeymans
112 Staco Road Greene Co. line CR 111, S of Alcove
COLONIE (151-200)
151 Albany Shaker Road
Dalessondro Boulevard
CR 155, Loudonville NY 7, W of Verdoy Colonie Overlaps NY 155 between CR 153 and CR 157.
CR 151 was relocated in 2002, bypassing Shakers and absorbing CR 158. Its former alignment comprises Hockey Lane and the N-S segments of CR 163.
152 Old Niskayuna Road US 9, Loudonville NY 155 at I-87 (Exit 5) Colonie
153 Wolf Road CR 151 at I-87 (Exit 4)
Watervliet Shaker Road at Old Niskayuna Road
Colonie Entire length overlaps NY 155.
154 Osborne Road
Sand Creek Road
NY 5, Roessleville US 9 & NY 378, Loudonville Colonie
155 Everett Road Albany city line
CR 151, Loudonville Colonie Not to be confused with nearby NY 155.
156 Fuller Road US 20, McKownville NY 5, Roessleville Guilderland, ALBANY, Colonie
157 New Karner Road
Watervliet Shaker Road
US 20, Westmere Albany International Airport access road
(at Hockey Lane)
Guilderland, ALBANY, Colonie, Colonie Overlaps NY 155 between US 20 &  CR 151.
Before the 2002 realignment at Shakers, CR 157 continued east along Heritage Lane (now CR 163) and Meeting House Road (now private).
158 Dalessondro Boulevard NY 155/CR 151, E of Shakers
CR 151, N of Shakers
Colonie Incorporated into CR 151 due to realignment.
160 1) Sicker Road CR 151, W of Verdoy
Dead end at airport
2) Sicker Road
Old Niskayuna Road Extension
Dead end at airport Wade Road Transferred to Town of Colonie.
3) Old Niskayuna Road NY 155 Dead end at airport
1) Heritage Lane
Airline Dr., Shakers
NY 155/CR 151, N of Shakers
Comprises former segments of CR 151 and CR 157, which have been realigned to the north.
2) Old Albany Shaker Road
Dead end at airport
Dead end at CR 151
Part of CR 151 prior to its realignment.
201 South Main Street
North Main Street
Grant Hill Road
Stone Road
Depot Road
CR 306, Voorheesville NY 146, W of Guilderland Center Voorheesville, New Scotland, Guilderland
202 Meadowdale Road
School Road
NY 156, W of Voorheesville NY 146, Guilderland Center New Scotland, Guilderland
203 Normanskill Road
Johnston Road
CR 306, E of Voorheesville US 20 & CR 209, Westmere New Scotland, Guilderland
204 Russell Road
Krumkill Road
Schoolhouse Road
Albany city line
US 20, McKownville Bethlehem, Guilderland
208 School Road
Depot Road
NY 156, Voorheesville CR 201, N of Voorheesville
Voorheesville, New Scotland, Guilderland
Crossgates Mall Road
US 20 & CR 203, Westmere
SR 910D eastbound ramps
No signs posted for this route.
Schoolhouse Road ramp
US 20 eastbound, McKownville
SR 910F northbound
No signs posted for this route.
KNOX (251-300)
252 Knox Cave Road NY 157A, Warner Lake Schenectady Co. line
(becomes Schenectady CR 131)
Berne, Knox
253 Bozenkill Road
Maple Avenue Extension
Maple Avenue
CR 252 NY 146 & NY 397, Altamont Knox, Guilderland, Altamont
254 Rock Road
Pleasant Valley Road
NY 443, E of West Berne NY 156, E of Knox
Knox, Berne
255 Knox-Gallupville Road Schoharie Co. line
(becomes Schoharie CR 24)
NY 156, W of Knox Knox
256 Ketcham Road NY 157, W of Thompsons Lake NY 157, E of Thompsons Lake Knox
259 Beebe Road CR 255, W of Knox
CR 252 Knox
260 Witter Road NY 156, E of Knox
NY 146, East Township
261 Bell Road NY 146, East Township
CR 253, W of Altamont
262 Gage Road
Middle Road
CR 255 Street Road at NY 146, East Township
George Street
Becomes village street, c. 200' N of SR 915B
Tibbits Ave., Green Island
Green Island
No signs posted for this route.
NEW SCOTLAND (301-350)
301 Tarrytown Road
Cedar Grove Road
NY 443, Clarksville NY 396 & CR 103, Callanans Corners
New Scotland, Coeymans
303 Pinnacle Road
Beaver Dam Road
NY 443, near Helderberg Lake
NY 157 & NY 157A, Thompsons Lake Berne, New Scotland
306 Voorheesville Avenue
Normanskill Road
Krumkill Road
Font Grove Road
NY 85A, Voorheesville NY 85, Slingerlands Voorheesville, New Scotland, Bethlehem
307 Picard Road NY 85A, N of New Salem NY 156, W of Voorheesville
New Scotland
308 Unionville-Feura Bush Road
New Scotland South Road
NY 32, Feura Bush NY 85, New Scotland New Scotland
311 Beaver Dam Road NY 157, W of New Salem
CR 303 New Scotland
312 Clarksville South Road NY 143, Dormansville NY 443, Clarksville Westerlo, Coeymans, New Scotland
351 Medusa Road CR 352, Medusa NY 85, Rensselaerville Rensselaerville
352 Fox Creek Road NY 145, Preston Hollow CR 351, Medusa Rensselaerville Includes CR 352 Ext. (one-way wye at NY 145).
353 (Delaware Turnpike) Schoharie Co. line
(becomes Schoharie CR 19A)
Becomes NY 85 at Tenmile Creek bridge, Rensselaerville Rensselaerville
354 Potter Hollow Mountain Road Greene Co. line
(becomes Greene CR 36)
SR 910G & CR 362, Potter Hollow Rensselaerville
357 (Fox Creek Road) CR 352 & CR 360, N of Medusa
CR 351 & CR 402, Smith Corner
358 (Baitholtz Hill Road)
(Kropp Road)
CR 352 CR 353 Rensselaerville
359 (Kropp Road) CR 358, W of Rensselaerville
CR 353, Rensselaerville Rensselaerville
360 (Crow Hill Road)
CR 352 & CR 357, N of Medusa
CR 359, S of Rensselaerville Rensselaerville
361 Town Line Road
Albany Hill Road
CR 351, N of Smith Corner
CR 351, Rensselaerville Rensselaerville, Westerlo line
362 Scott Patent Road Schoharie Co. line
(becomes Schoharie CR 61)
SR 910G & CR 354, Potter Hollow Rensselaerville
WESTERLO (401-450)
401 (Westerlo-South Westerlo Road)
CR 405, South Westerlo NY 143, Westerlo Westerlo
402 (Westerlo-Medusa Road)
CR 351 & CR 357, Smith Corner
CR 1, Westerlo Rensselaerville, Westerlo Includes CR 402 Ext. (wye junction at CR 351).
403 1) (South Westerlo-Medusa Road)
CR 351, Medusa CR 405, South Westerlo Rensselaerville, Westerlo  
2) Marks Road
CR 403 (1)
Greene Co. line
(becomes Greene CR 75)
3) Blake Road
CR 403 (1)
Marks Road
Road vacated and dismantled.
404 Bear Swamp Road CR 402 NY 32, S of Dormansville Westerlo
405 (Sunset Hill Road) CR 402, E of Smith Corner
Greene Co. line
(becomes Greene CR 38)
406 Kuster Road CR 401, N of South Westerlo
NY 32, S of Dormansville
408 Fancher Road CR 402 CR 1, South Berne Westerlo, Berne
409 (McNaughtons Road) Greene Co. line
(becomes Greene CR 50)
CR 405, N of Lambs Corner
410 (Thayers Corners Road) CR 402, W of Westerlo
CR 401, Thayers Corner
411 Newry Road Greene CR 38, Newrys
CR 312, N of Dormansville Greenville, Westerlo Extends about 250' into Greene County.
412 Airport Road
Cass Hill Road
NY 143, Westerlo CR 11, Reidsville Westerlo, Berne
413 Upper Chapel Hill Road
Lower Chapel Hill Road
CR 361 CR 402, W of Westerlo
414 (Horseshoe Bend Road) CR 405, W of South Westerlo
CR 401, N of South Westerlo

SOURCES: Albany County official highway map (The National Survey-1991), NYSDOT Albany & Schenectady county map (1989), NYSDOT Albany area quadrangle maps (1991-1993), NYSDOT New York State Atlas (1998/2000), NYSDOT Highway Inventory File (2011).

Edition 12/12/11

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